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Bringing offshore rigs, platforms into compliance with new US workplace safety regulation

Recommended practices related to safety and environmental protection become mandatory for OCS operators on Nov. 15. Effectively tracking key performance indicators and maintaining data can go a long way to meet the new requirements.

Case-based reasoning system predicts twist-off in Louisiana well based on Mideast analog

Using data acquired from two Shell-operated fields in disparate regions, the software demonstrated the ability to identify drilling problems hours in advance by analyzing a library of past well data.

Wired drill pipe, motorized RSS improve drilling performance in North Sea wells

A collaborative effort between the operator and the vendor helped ensure a smooth introduction of downhole broadband in a horizontal drilling program.


Petrobras builds technology to optimize presalt recovery

Named 2011 Petroleum Executive of the Year by the Energy Intelligence information service, JOSÉ SERGIO GABRIELLI took office as Petrobras CEO in 2005.

Gas producer upgrades water facilities to comply with strict Colorado emission rules

The new water treatment system reduced total hydrocarbons and dissolved solids while increasing biomass in the post-treatment storage ponds.

OTC 2011 shifts gears to navigate post-Macondo landscape

Given the impact of the Macondo disaster on the offshore oil and gas industry, a special emphasis is being placed at this year’s Offshore Technology Conference on the industry response and operational changes following the spill last year.

Designing chemical floods for Kansas reservoirs

In lab tests, chemical systems formulated for three commonly waterflooded formations all recovered more than 70% of residual oil from cores.

Uneven distribution of proppants in perf clusters

Simultaneous creation of multiple fractures through separate perforation clusters has long been a cost-effective method for stimulating vertical and horizontal wells.

Using scale inhibitors at ultra-high temperatures

At extremely high temperatures, mixed scales were forming on the heat exchange surfaces of a heavy oil processing facility.

Expanding Marcellus Activity Defies Gas Prices

Despite gas prices circling around $4/Mcf and intense environmental scrutiny, Marcellus shale activity continued to grow rapidly last year, with a near doubling in the number of wells drilled and high permitting rates indicating a further activity surge to come.

Gas, Arctic, subsea and renewables define the leading edge of offshore projects

Classic platform and rig designs continue to evolve for specific applications, as radical new concepts arise to tap alternative resources.

Permit by permit, Gulf of Mexico drilling activity returns from the dead

The Gulf of Mexico has been labeled “the Dead Sea” several times in its recent life.


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