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5/17/2022 Asset Guardian Solutions Limited achieves ISO/IEC 27001 Certification

5/17/2022 Oil States Industries leverages 80 years of oil and gas expertise to advance multisource energy mix

5/17/2022 Oil States Industries introduces first riser rated for 15,000 PSI, HPHT and sour service

5/17/2022 Oil States Industries introduces combined managed pressure drilling and riser system

5/17/2022 Ikon Science appoints Mark Sams as vice president of services

5/17/2022 TitanLiner exclusively manufactures, distributes RoboLiner® polyurea sprayed Rroles for use as secondary containment

5/17/2022 PetroStrat expands in U.S. with acquisition of Paleo-Data Inc.

5/17/2022 Proserv to monitor cables on Equinor’s Hywind Scotland floating wind farm

5/17/2022 Bourbon Subsea Services awarded contract for floating wind pilot farm in Mediterranean Sea

5/17/2022 DemoSATH floating wind project completes the offshore mooring installation

5/9/2022 Petrobras extends CGG Geovation seismic imaging software licensing agreement for five years

5/9/2022 Trelleborg strengthens its navigation and piloting offering with SafePilot CAT PRO launch

5/9/2022 Strohm and Lhyfe join forces to develop solutions for offshore renewable hydrogen transport

5/9/2022 Lamprell in the frame for major upgrade work

5/9/2022 Inmarsat ELEVATE launched to accelerate IoT industry growth

5/9/2022 Brüel & Kjær Vibro launches new MEMS-based ‘fit and forget’ velocity sensors

5/9/2022 MO4’s data analytics and forecasting solution debuts on North Star’s Dogger Bank bound SOV fleet

5/4/2022 Brüel & Kjær Vibro announces VCM-3/SETPOINT product enhancements

5/4/2022 MacGregor to deliver a FibreTrac fiber-rope offshore crane

5/4/2022 ChampionX announces new XSPOC 3.2 software release

5/4/2022 Liberty Energy and Seismos partner to provide real-time stimulation QC