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Thursday, February 25, 2016 10:00 AM

Utilizing data collected from proprietary surveys of state agencies, federal governments and operators worldwide, World Oil’s annual upstream forecast, now in its 90th year, is renowned for its thorough and reliable projections of activity and spending, relating to the global E&P industry. During the 50-minute event (including a Q-and-A period), the editors will share: U.S. drilling forecast for 2016 versus 2015 well totals, including an analysis of activity; A global drilling forecast for 2016, featuring a breakout of global offshore activity; U.S. and worldwide oil production figures for 2015 versus 2014; Estimates for U.S., Canadian and worldwide upstream capital expenditures during 2015, and projections of planned capital expenditures for 2016; Some relevant geopolitical factors affecting upstream activity.

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Identifying Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Best Practices In the Oil & Gas Industry

Wednesday, February 10, 2016 11:00 AM

Current volatility in the oil & gas industry presents serious challenges for both E&P companies and downstream producers with ramifications to the management of their asset portfolio. As many projects – big and small -- continue to exceed budgets and deadlines, oil and gas companies need robust enterprise project portfolio management (EPPM) that enables the optimization of capital, resources, and time. In such a high-stakes environment, Frost & Sullivan has identified Oracle’s Primavera as a single platform enabling visibility across the entire project portfolio to deliver optimal performance, which, in turn, reduces risks, increases operational efficiencies and drives financial performance. Join this webinar as we look to demystify the software of choice to manage high-capital, asset-intensive, and multi-stakeholder project portfolios in the oil and gas industry. During this webinar we will: • Understand the current situation and challenges of the oil & gas industry • Learn about the key building blocks of a robust enterprise software solution to manage a project portfolio • Discover how Oracle offers an EPPM solution that solves the portfolio issues at stake

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Sand Control: Selection and Design Criteria for Sand Control Screens

Thursday, November 12, 2015 10:00 AM

Selection and Design Criteria for Sand Control Screens with Bill Ott and Moderator, Joe D. Woods. In many oil and gas wells, sand production leads to reduced productivity and/or excessive maintenance to both downhole and surface production equipment. Sufficient sand production may also cause premature failure of the wellbore and well equipment. This webinar will involve critical evaluation of sand control screen selection, design and performance.

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Mobility Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry: Enabling your workforce anytime, anywhere

Wednesday, October 28, 2015 10:00 AM

Together, Schneider Electric, Intel, and Microsoft provide high-performance mobility solutions for the oil and gas industry. Listen in to hear why this partnership offers enterprises real-time visibility into their plant environments and supply chains. The joint mobile offerings enable offshore, onshore, transport, and processing to confidently embrace reliability, safety, and productivity. These solutions provide a complete life-cycle approach, clear methodology, and worldwide presence that allow for consistent service and delivery of energy management benefits across the globe.

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