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Drilling Innovations & Technology Forum: Summer 2020

Wednesday, June 24, 2020 10:00 AM

During this 60-minute live webcast, we will discuss the following topics: 1) “Blade Family – 3DC Cutter Technology”, with presenter, Wiley Long, Product Champion, Schlumberger. 2) “The Same Drift Monodiameter Clad/Liner System in Solving Drilling and Well Infrastructure Challenges”, with presenter, Matthew Godfrey, Lead Project Engineer, Enventure Global Technology.

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The OSDU™ data platform: Why we built it

Thursday, June 18, 2020 10:00 AM

As many in the subsurface and wells space are still working in data silos that limit the ability to implement digital solutions, there’s a weight of expectation surrounding the possibilities promised by the OSDU™ data platform. Now, as the Open Group’s collaboration of almost 150 industry members working to advance digital transformation in our industry approaches its launch, this webinar will separate OSDU-fact from fiction. Join us for ‘OSDU data platform: Why we built it’ and discover who it’s for, how it works, which technologies it enables, and the profound era of change the OSDU data platform will drive in our industry. Fully understand the opportunity the OSDU data platform offers your business and gain detailed insights into this ambitious industry endeavor to accelerate the digital future of oil and gas. Get ready for an engaging webinar featuring Johan Krebbers from Shell and Stephen Whitley from Schlumberger whose open source data ecosystem will form the foundation of the OSDU™ data platform.

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Transform Operations, Manage Risks by Combining Process and 3D Immersive Digital Twins

Wednesday, June 17, 2020 9:00 AM

Digitalization is an imperative in today’s volatile environment where a new generation of younger, inexperienced operators bring increased risk. The process industries, in particular, need new ways to help operators navigate the growing complexity that comes with the job. Innovations in process modeling, 3D visualization and digital twin deployment enable operators to practice their skills digitally in identifying and responding to potential issues, mitigating risk and optimizing performance. Join AspenTech and Emerson industry experts for insight into: • Adding virtual reality to OTS digital twin models to improve training and operations support • Mimic Simulation Software and Mimic Field 3D Link architecture that provide applications for next-generation knowledge workers and operators • Integrating 3D visualization models with the Aspen HYSYS® Dynamics simulator to create an immersive operations environment for planning, training and supporting field operators via next gen OTS • Value delivered by these integrated solutions with proven use cases

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Thermal Spray and Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing - Two technologies to shape the future of manufacturing methods

Wednesday, June 10, 2020 9:00 AM

Fueled by the previous decade’s revolution in information and communication technologies, additive manufacturing has become an increasingly important part of our daily lives. Being considered as one of the most disruptive assets of the manufacturing industry, this technology is moving from rapid prototyping and niche markets to creating safe and reliable products for a growing number of industries. For several years, Vallourec has been using additive manufacturing technologies to transform its products and services offerings. The Group has focused particularly on two different technologies—Thermal Spray and Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing—that are likely to transform the Oil and Gas sector. Thermal Spray is used to develop new tubular add-ons built directly onto the pipe in order to enhance its performance and simplify running operations, while Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing disrupts the traditional supply chain of large metallic components. Bertrand Maillon and Jonathan Moulin will share the specificities and benefits of these two technologies, show how they will change the oil and gas industry and give an insight into some recent related projects.

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