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Achieve Accurate Process Temperature Measurement with Surface Sensor Innovation

Designing, specifying and installing a thermowell can take days, if not weeks, especially when you need to perform wake frequency calculations to verify process compatibility. Eliminate the complex challenges associated with thermowells by leveraging a simple technology that provides an accurate process temperature measurement without an intrusive installation. The new surface sensor innovation addresses these issues by eliminating the thermowell altogether and replacing it with a surface measurement that can provide an accurate process temperature.

Make Your Estimate a True Strategic Weapon

Are you getting beat by your E&C competitors because your bids are late and they don’t provide the accuracy your customer expects? Scrap your in-house proprietary spreadsheet methods of preparing estimates and replace them with a proven, model-based approach that will improve accuracy and save time in the bidding process. Learn the three steps to adopting a more agile, flexible cost estimating method that involves your organization, your estimating process and estimating tools. In this new white paper, AspenTech and Strategic Estimating Systems (SES) describe how leading E&C companies implemented best practices to achieve a competitive advantage. Download it today to find out how to transform your estimates into strategic tools that differentiate your business.

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Oilfield Water Management Forum: Spring 2019

Thursday, March 28, 2019 10:00 AM

During this 60 minute live webcast, Moderator, Joe D. Woods, President, International Pinpoint, will lead discussion on these topics: 1) “Produced Water Management Trends and Cost Effective Recycling”, with presenter Mark Patton, President and CEO, Hydrozonix. 2) “Detecting and Recovering Oil from Flowback and Produced Water”, with presenter Mark Wolf, Director of Onshore Facilities, NOV.

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Engineered Tubular Solutions: Well Design & Material Selection

Tuesday, April 09, 2019 9:00 AM

What are the most important factors you need to take into account when designing or making modifications to your well design? Vallourec’s well design and material selection experts are here to share some interesting insights. Taking some frequently encountered challenges such as size and weight, burst and collapse, H2S and CO2 corrosion, as examples, Jonathas Oliveira and Daniel Khoda Rahmi demonstrate how the right combination of material and connections can provide the most cost effective solutions while ensuring well integrity.

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Qualification of a 20,000 psi Subsea BOP: A Collaborative Approach

Daniel Kluk, Senior Associate, Stress Engineering Services, Inc.

Averting Drilling Challenges in HPHT by Customizing the DTW

Selim S. Shaker, Principle, Geopressure Analysis Services (G.A.S)

Automation Practices in Water Management

Michael Fontaine, Director of Business Solutions, Select Energy Services

Optimized Completions Designs in Every Horizontal Well

Jason Glascock, Senior Operations Manager – Reservoir Technology, C&J Energy Services