The Reservoir

The Reservoir: Current Production, Reserves Replacement, Carbon Capture and the Energy Transition A discussion with subject matter experts on the future of energy. We discuss geopolitics, economics and the technology that's enabling us to chart a new path to providing the world's energy needs.

How Fiber-Optic Technology Illuminates the Reservoir While Lowering Costs and Carbon Footprint

In this episode of The Reservoir, we welcome Nick Fundytus, fiber optics program manager at SLB. He and the team discuss how fiber-optic and digital processing technologies enable more efficient and sustainable operations and why fiber is the measurement of the future.Note: This episode was recorded before Schlumberger changed its name to SLB.

Energy Security, Exploration Trends and the technologies that make it happen

We continue discussing reserves replacement with Mohamed El-Toukhy the Global Chief Explorationist at Schlumberger. After a fantastic overview of what's happening with exploration around the world, we start to get into the technologies instrumental in increasing the number of commercially successful greenfield finds.

Reserves Replacement - How will we supply our future energy needs?

This episode focuses on the alarming fact that globally we are consuming our oil reserves twice as fast as we are finding new reserves. We discuss the reasons why and what we can do about it with Ryan Chapman and Gunjan Khatri from Reservoir Performance at Schlumberger. 

Season 1 Preview

Hunter and Jim discuss this new podcast series that will cover current oil production, oil reserve replacement, carbon capture and the energy transition. 

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