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World Oil Permian Basin Map

The Permian basin of West Texas is the largest concentration of new drilling activity in the United States. The high quality and productivity of the Permian region are hard for operators to ignore, especially when it costs less to drill a top-performing well in that area. Small wonder, then, that this is one place where operators are adding more rigs, as well as other equipment, manpower and supplies.

Permian Basin Map content includes:

•  Information on major sub-basins/plays
•  Company activity by major operators
•  Independent oil company proven reserves
•  Rig count by basin (oil & gas)
•  Historical oil & gas production numbers
•  Detailed information on general stratigraphy

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World Oil North American Shale Break-even Map

Over the past decade, the use of horizontal drilling with hydraulic fracturing has provided access to large volumes of oil and natural gas that were previously uneconomic to produce from low-permeability shale formations. This exclusive World Oil map details break-even prices for North America's shale plays.



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