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ShaleTech: Bakken-Three Forks shale

Jim Redden, Contributing Editor

Deferrals replace unchecked production

What’s new in artificial lift?

Joe D. Woods, International Pinpoint; James F. Lea, PL Tech LLC; Herald W. Winkler, Texas Tech University

Part 2: In this second of two monthly reports, the authors highlight innovations in ESPs, PCPs, and gas lift systems, plus new developments in power, automation, control and monitoring systems.

Driving efficiency in cemented liner completions

Travis Harris, Packers Plus Energy Services

Expanding the boundaries of ball-drop technology has led to a simple, yet effective design for reducing completion time and improving operational efficiency.

ShaleTech: Permian Shales

Jim Redden, Contributing Editor

Best bet in a field of also-rans

Seawater injection: Challenges, mitigation, geographic distribution and best practices

David Fakunle, Baker Hughes

This comprehensive report reviews the problems and solutions for seawater injection projects, as well as their geographic distribution. Some candidates for industry best practices on this subject are suggested.

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What's new in production

Don Francis

Perforating, perforce

Energy issues

William J. Pike

The reality of alternative energy

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U.S. Rotary Drilling Rigs
International Rotary Drilling Rigs

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Case Study: New wireline conveyance system pulls >29,300 lbf to free stuck tester, saving USD 3,050,000

A Gulf of Mexico operator wanted to improve efficiency and minimize risk in conducting a logging program in a highly tortuous deepwater well. Instead of logging on drillpipe, the operator elected to more efficiently convey the logging toolstrings on wireline with the new high-pull wireline conveyance system.