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Analytics drive operational excellence for business and digital transformation

Jared Hartness, GE Digital

Sustainable analytics-driven operational excellence programs can help companies to align business objectives and strategies to balance priorities and manage risks, while helping to achieve digital transformation goals.

Opinion: Council says heat wave underscores need for smart energy policy

Tim Tarpley, Energy Workforce & Technology Council

The threat of lost power—and the accompanying stress and angst—are the result of energy policy decisions unmoored to reality. A sensible and realistic energy plan would acknowledge not only the need for reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, but also improving the affordability, reliability and resilience of our nation’s electric grid.

Closed loop production optimization: One step closer to autonomy

Bob Okuijsen, Siemens Energy

Historically, operators have employed piecemeal strategies to optimize components of the production value chain. However, achieving autonomous operations will require a holistic approach, integrating traditionally disparate data sources to create a single digital twin that can be delivered with relatively small up-front investment.

Scaling-up digitalization for a low-carbon industry

Jean-Luc Guiziou, TotalEnergies; Wallace Pescarini, Schlumberger

Two senior executives with TotalEnergies and Schlumberger give their thoughts and analysis of what the industry’s digital transformation effort has accomplished and where it is headed in the future.

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Executive viewpoint

Edward Cross

Protecting our independence

Oil and gas in the Capitals

Jeff Moore

China’s new unilateral maritime law impacts all E&P in offshore ASEAN

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Enhancing the performance of emulsion-based friction reducers

PETROSTEP® FRB-5 is a surfactant formulation that enhances the performance of emulsion-based friction reducers (FRs) in brines. It enables operators to formulate their fracturing fluids in recycled and produced waters, resulting in lower cost and more sustainable operations.

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