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OTC celebrates 50th anniversary of showcasing offshore innovation

Emily Querubin, World Oil

The flagship Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) is not only gearing up for another year at NRG Park (formerly Reliant Park) in Houston, but it is celebrating its 50th anniversary!

Maybe it’s a recovery. . .

Mike Slaton, Contributing Editor

Shhh… Don’t scare this thing off. After four years of declining drilling activity, permits are up, rig count is up, and there is cautious optimism afloat on a bubbling current of hallelujahs.

Optimized drill pipe connection increases efficiencies in extended-reach applications

Nelson Allen, Glenn Brown, Guillaume Plessis, Andrey Matveyev, Alan Iravani, NOV

A new drill pipe connection, capable of faster makeup and breakout, is reducing NPT in extended-reach drilling and challenging well environments, while remaining economically competitive with other premium connections.

MPD wellbore seal monitoring and control provide deepwater maintenance solution

Austin Johnson, AFGlobal Corporation

The novel approach of the Active Control Device enables active seal condition monitoring and control to compensate for seal wear. This feature provides deepwater rigs with a more sophisticated and effective means of maintenance.

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Oil and gas in the capitals

Dr. Øystein Noreng

Norwegian contradictions

Drilling advances

Jim Redden

Ready for prime time?

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New completion design optimizes well performance

After application with CARBO’s ultra-conductive, high strength ceramic proppant, KRYPTOSPHERE® LD, post-field trial analysis is showing significant production increases in high-stress production intervals in Colombia.

Modern SCADA: Put the Digital Oilfield at Your Fingertips

SCADA systems are taking on a bigger and more business-critical role as oil and gas producers modernize their operations in the digital oilfield.

Advanced UV Operations – The Next Generation of Oil & Gas Inspections

Whether detecting pin-hole leaks or corrosion, inspecting the integrity of flare stacks or monitoring pipelines, critical oil & gas infrastructure inspections today are performed by foot, helicopter, and Unmanned Aircraft (UA), more commonly known as drones.

Lightweight Cement Provides Superior Strength for Wellbore Integrity

Horizontal drilling practices continue to evolve in North America as completion intensity and pumping rates increase, horizontal wells get longer, and more stages are completed.

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