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100 years of informing the industry

Kurt Abraham, World Oil

Since 1916, Gulf Publishing Company (GPC), and World Oil and its predecessors, have provided timely, valuable information and data on a wide range of technical and management subjects to upstream oil and gas professionals worldwide.

Ambitious geoscience program continues offshore Eastern Canada

Kurt Abraham, World Oil

Using recent seismic data acquisition and other technologies, officials have been conducting large-scale geoscience programs offshore Canada’s two easternmost provinces, to identify exploration opportunities that went unnoticed 20 years ago.

Efficiencies and capabilities designed for the bottom line

Mike Slaton, Contributing Editor

Oil markets have driven down activity but not the advance of technology. In tough times when every efficiency and operational advantage can make a difference, service and manufacturing companies are focused on offshore innovations that drive hard to the bottom line. We turned to five leading service and manufacturing companies, and asked them to highlight the advances that were at the top of their lists. Their answers reveal vigorous innovation across a broad scope of offshore technologies that include drilling data, subsea production chemicals, specialized drill bits, MPD-ready rigs, subsea safety valves and gravel packs.

ShaleTech: Bakken-Three Forks shale

Jim Redden, Contributing Editor

Deferrals replace unchecked production

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The last barrel

Roger Jordan

It isn’t just about oil

Oil and gas in the capitals

Dr. Anas Alhajji

Aramco privatization: The final nail in the coffin?

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International Rotary Drilling Rigs

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Video: GeoFlex Quantitative Cuttings Analysis and Imaging Service

Bring the laboratory to the rigsite to maximize the value of your formation evaluation with while-drilling cuttings composition through the GeoFlex service.