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Decarbonizing with digital: Improving drilling and well construction performance, sustainably

Davy McCullough, Schlumberger

Industry mandates for more sustainable operations and higher performance are reshaping drilling/well construction. For years, digital innovation has been important for improving efficiency and enabling returns-focused performance. Today, digital is equally important in reducing CO2 emissions to mitigate climate change.

Innovative approach optimizes the completion cycle

Mark Watson, Packers Plus Energy Services; Zillur Rahim, Rahim Petroleum

Six remedies to prevent casing deformation and maintain wellbore integrity for a successful completion.

Operators: Are your partners taking digital transformation beyond the drill bit?

Drew Doty, Eric Sawyer, Patricia Zarate, Nabors Industries

Streamlining day-to-day operations, using purpose-built apps, is enabling improvements for operations, maintenance and worker safety.

Stage-level flow assurance helps refine Permian field development strategy

Deanna Callahan, Tall City Exploration III LLC; Talgat Shokanov, John Oliver, Quantum Pro, Inc.

Nanoparticle tracers provide affordable solution for sweet spot identification, frac hit avoidance and well spacing understanding.

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Oil and gas in the Capitals

Dr. Øystein Noreng

Glasgow COP 26: An event among others?

Executive viewpoint

Mark Le Dain

The fastest path to emissions reduction? Oil and gas

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Digital lifecycle foundation - Neutrality is supreme

“It might be time for Energy & Utility companies to put the digital transformation conversation into neutral.” That statement may seem counterintuitive initially, especially for an industry on the trajectory toward a digital existence. But, in this case, neutral will speed up the transformation and help ensure its success. That’s because what we’re talking about now is a neutral digital ecosystem.

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