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Changing the game

Mike Slaton, Contributing Editor

Brandishing an array of government initiatives and the allure of world-class geology, Brazil is intent on reversing recent years of decline in overall production.

Fueling fracturing with natural gas: Redefining wellsite power for oilfield services

Carrie Murtland, Evolution Well Services

The challenges of fueling hydraulic fracturing operations come in many forms, including consistent fuel supply, efficiency, emissions and safety. Natural gas power generation and specialized fracturing fleets offer answers to many concerns posed by traditional diesel-powered technology, and present a new paradigm for wellsite power.

Adoption of wireless intelligent completions advances

Annabel Green, Paul Lynch, Tendeka

Wireless intelligent completion technology has the potential to change the way that reservoirs are managed, linking highly segmented and complex wellbore systems to the digital oil field.

OTC celebrates 50th anniversary of showcasing offshore innovation

Emily Querubin, World Oil

The flagship Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) is not only gearing up for another year at NRG Park (formerly Reliant Park) in Houston, but it is celebrating its 50th anniversary!

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Oil and gas in the capitals

Dr. Roger Bezdek

Colorado’s calamity

What's new in production

Don Francis

Snake eyes

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Intelligent Artificial Lift Systems Improve Digital Oilfield Operations

Oil and gas producers are feeling the pressure in a down market to get the most from their existing assets and wellheads.

Nanotechnology in the Oilfield

Nanotechnology is an emerging area of research and interest in the oil and gas industry. It refers mainly to engineered particles that range from 1–100 nanometers in size.

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