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Buy time, digitalize and transition

Duncan Micklem, Yokogawa

An extremely challenging economic environment is driving digital transformation across the oil and gas industries—but it doesn’t need to happen all at once. Companies can realize major top-line and bottom-line improvements, by thinking big but starting small and scaling up, using digital twins.

Understanding collapse resistance of casing strings with different cementing configurations

Raffaello Zambetti, Simone Malesani, Paolo Novelli, Tenaris; Luca Paolo Bianchini, Fabio Parrozza, Valentina Gibilterra, Loredana Orlando, Ivan Codognotto, Eni

The limited knowledge of impact of salt-induced loads on structural integrity often leads to overly conservative well design. To gain insight into these phenomena, engineers conducted a series of full-scale tests to fully understand collapse resistance.

Advances in seal technology drive down operating costs for chemical injection

Terry Moffat, Curtis Jabusch, Sirius Controls Inc.

Modern sealing technologies can reduce maintenance on chemical injection pumps. A case study of over 10,000 pumps shows that new, technically advanced seals outperform traditional packing seals by an order of magnitude.

Troublesome or trustworthy—how to ensure digital twins truly deliver value

Kjell Eriksson, DNV GL

Operators require proof that digital twins can be trusted and will deliver value over time. Two companies have partnered to develop a methodology for qualifying the quality and integrity of the technology.

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Drilling Advances

Jim Redden

The blunt truth

What's new in production

Willard C. (Bill) Capdevielle, P.E.

It’s hard to fool Mother Nature….but not impossible!

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Actenum scheduling software adds $510k to operator earnings

Recently, it became clear to a US operator in the Permian basin that as they had grown by acquiring acreage, they had also outgrown their existing spreadsheet-based scheduling tool. Besides being cumbersome and unreliable, it didn’t provide any easy way to evaluate schedule scenarios to determine the impact on capital and production of adding or redeploying rigs. Using Actenum’s DSO/Upstream scheduling software to improve drilling program efficiency, the operator was able to add $510,000 to its annual earnings.

A Key Consideration when Automating Large Wellpads: Is the Automation Easy to Use and Maintain in the Field?

A critically important factor in selecting an automation platform is ensuring the technology has been designed and engineered for oil and gas operations. Fit-for-purpose automation technologies are much more likely to deliver superior performance long term while providing an optimal user experience.

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