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U.S. drilling wanes, trend predicted to continue in second half

Craig Fleming, Kurt Abraham, World Oil

Disappointing results in the shale plays, along with a growing number of DUCs, indicate a reduction in activity is prudent to focus on completing idle wells to recoup investments, rather than loading more orphans in the queue.

Completion design analysis: A case study for water control in Villano field, Ecuador

Alejandro Andrade, Mario Chango, Gustavo Atahualpa, Ramón Correa, Agip Oil Ecuador; Georgina Corona, Byron Calvopina, Juan Pico, Halliburton

An effectiveness analysis of various completion designs for reducing water production yields significant benefits during field development.

Offshore advances: Overcoming the insurmountable

Mike Slaton, Contributing Editor

Innovation tackles a wide array of technical challenges, particularly for the deepwater sector.

HPHT expandable liner hanger designed for superior pressure integrity

Edward Royer, Robert Turney, TIW, A Dril-Quip Company

As operators search for reserves in challenging HPHT environments, new technology is required to support these projects. An innovative expandable liner hanger, which offers a gas-tight metal-to-metal sealing system, is capable of superior hanging capacity for installing casing strings of various lengths.

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Senator Ted Cruz

Texas – and America – benefit from our energy renaissance

Drilling advances

Jim Redden

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LAGCOE 2019 New Technology Showcase winners

LAGCOE’s New Technology Showcase was created to provide innovative oil and gas businesses with a forum to share new products and services with an industry audience. The winners of this year’s competition will present their innovations at the 2019 LAGCOE Technical Exposition and Conference in New Orleans, October 9-11.

Breakthrough: Leading-edge cement performs strong in the field

BJ Services’ IntegraGuard™ Star spacer systems have a long history of successfully reducing lost circulation. In laboratory experiments, the system can completely block fluid flow through high-permeability media, impressively stopping fluid losses into pea-size gravel.

Simplify Automation of Multi-Well Pads

When you have many different systems, brands and vendors working together in your oilfield, it can complicate your operations.

The Latest 3D Asset Management in the Oil and Gas Industry

JP Global Digital’s Smart Digital Twin is the industry’s most advanced 3D tool for cost-efficient and accurate asset management.

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