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Identifying reservoir opportunities using automated well selection and ranking

Dr. Hamed Darabi, Wassim Benhallam, Johanna Smith, Dr. Amir Salehi, Dr. David Castineira, Quantum Reservoir Impact

Effective reservoir management requires combining multiple engineering/geoscience disciplines to identify improvement opportunities. To optimize analysis, an AI-powered management platform was developed that delivers faster, more accurate results to maximize asset value.

Hung up on installation issues?

Jay Geist, Packers Plus Energy Services

Continuous innovation in liner hanger development assists operators in overcoming liner installation and hanger integrity challenges.

Mitigating vibration above the drill bit

Chris Gooch, Ulterra Drilling Technologies

An innovative PDC bit technology is improving motor and downhole tool reliability, while setting new performance records.

LWD dual-physics imager for OBM applications enables real-time geological characterization

Vera Wibowo, Chandramani Shrivastava, Schlumberger

A new LWD tool system enables multiple high-resolution borehole images in nonconductive OBM, providing real-time geological characterization and inputs for drilling parameter optimization.

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Oil and gas in the capitals

Dr. Roger Bezdek

Oil and gas to the rescue

What's new in production

Willard C. (Bill) Capdevielle, P.E.

It’s hard to fool Mother Nature….but not impossible!

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A Key Consideration when Automating Large Wellpads: Can the Automation Scale to Fulfill Complex Site Requirements Long Term?

Achieving the necessary site architecture long term requires the right combination of scalability, as it relates to processing power and I/O, along with the flexibility to obtain as much control as needed with tools and systems that are designed with users in mind.

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