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Mid-Year Forecast: International operators make their way forward carefully

Cameron Wallace, Kurt Abraham, World Oil

Although global oil and gas demand has recovered much of the ground lost last year, there are plenty of question marks left in the market for operators to navigate, including ESG and renewables challenges.

Mid-Year Forecast: Canadian operators remain wary of potential risks

Robert Curran, Contributing Editor

Although there are some hopeful signs that a recovery may be on the way for Canada’s oil patch, the ongoing global pandemic, misguided politicians, and skittish markets have left producers wary and risk-averse.

Mid-Year Forecast: U.S. to see uptick as crude prices climb, demand recovers

Craig Fleming, Kurt Abraham, World Oil

Despite analysts’ dire predictions about Covid-19’s short-term/long-term effects on the industry, demand and oil prices recovered significantly in second-and-third-quarter 2021. Even with consistently higher oil prices, U.S. operators showed uncharacteristic restraint, focusing on debt reduction and shrinking the DUC backlog rather than new drilling.

Unconventional fracturing: Implications of particle transport through the casing

Phil Snider, GEODynamics

GEODynamics and operators surface-tested typical unconventional fracturing configurations and determined that particle transport and fluid velocities impact proppant placement.

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Executive viewpoint

Anthony Livanios

Actions speak louder than words: Biden and the U.S. upstream

Executive viewpoint

Dr. R. Gerald (Jerry) Bailey

The contribution of oil to society

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Digital lifecycle foundation - Neutrality is supreme

“It might be time for Energy & Utility companies to put the digital transformation conversation into neutral.” That statement may seem counterintuitive initially, especially for an industry on the trajectory toward a digital existence. But, in this case, neutral will speed up the transformation and help ensure its success. That’s because what we’re talking about now is a neutral digital ecosystem.

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