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Regional report: MENA

Ron Bitto, Contributing Editor

Leading producers plan to increase output, replace reserves

Manufacturers introduce new bit technologies to improve drilling economics

Craig Fleming, World Oil

Declining U.S. drilling activity and significant reductions in OFS stock prices over the past year are starting to take a toll on R&D efforts. Despite the slowdown, some manufacturers have launched new technologies designed to increase ROP and lengthen bit life in different types of formations.

Innovation is key to drilling longer laterals

John Evans, Catherine Sampson, Gyrodata

Innovative drilling solutions must use specific combinations of high-performance drilling motors, RSS and MWD to accurately and efficiently drill significantly longer laterals.

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Executive Viewpoint

Karr Ingham

Alliance takes on oilfield water issues in Texas

What's new in exploration

William (Bill) Head

Exploration is back to the future

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TECH TALK: Digitalization, optional or necessary?

There is an ongoing debate about the speed in which the oil and gas industry has adopted technological innovations. Has it been a slow or a timely adoption?

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