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Pressure pumping advancements give operators a competitive edge

Efficiency gains are required to enhance completion performance, to promote maximum hydrocarbon recovery. New pressure pumping advances are helping service companies to be more competitive while improving profits for operators.

Leveraging AI to solve novel challenges

Michael Krause

A domain-centric approach when applying AI technologies is being used to solve issues in challenging wells.

James Fisher AIS expands global footprint to meet energy sector digital twin demand

Global digital services leader Asset Information Services (AIS), a James Fisher company, announced its business development and account management expansion plans on Monday, which includes new hires in key global regions for its rapidly growing customer base.

Shell announces collaboration with AWS to deploy OSDU data platform

The OSDU Data Platform is a cloud native, open-source technology which provides the energy industry a toolbox to address the undifferentiated capabilities needed to manage large, disconnected data sets.

Technologies to enable subsea electrification for a topside free environment

Matt Lamb

All-electric systems are vital for the future of subsea operations in the energy transition.

Three-dimensional mapping improves reservoir understanding with volumetric and 3D insights

Haifeng Wang, Jean Michel Denichou, Mauro Viandante

To achieve more sustainable drilling, operators should drill fewer, more accurate wells. This becomes increasingly challenging, as operators encounter more complex reservoirs. A new 3D reservoir mapping service helps operators improve geosteering in such environments, reducing the need for more wells while optimizing production.

Real-time operations center drives new ESG opportunities by integrating personnel and data

Lei Wang, Chris Stewart

An integrated platform, incorporating data from multiple systems that are accessible to a real-time operations center and field personnel, produces a comprehensive model of a company’s ecosystem. The innovative combination results in safer, more reliable operations with less downtime.

World Oil exclusive: Digital Transformation in oil and gas is accelerating, say conference attendees

Assuming that comments from conference participants are reflective of the industry’s overall mood, then the pace of digital transformation in oil and gas is gaining momentum in 2022.

Schlumberger and Sintela plan to advance fiber-optic solutions across multiple industries

Schlumberger will market and deliver the solutions in the energy, carbon capture and storage, and geothermal industries, with Sintela delivering the combined solutions to other industrial markets.

Tenaris and Microsoft form strategic partnership to drive digital value chain innovation

Tenaris and Microsoft have inked a five-year alliance to identify possible actions that will accelerate the company’s digital transformation and create greater efficiencies and synergies across its value chain.

Advanced pressure monitoring system reduces costs, improves wellsite control

Shawn Hatton

Producers are benefitting from cloud-driven, automated data acquisition and reporting technology that optimizes control over their underground injection control operations while streamlining compliance with EPA requirements.

Tackling methane emissions: It’s time to act

Andrew E. Pomerantz, Staffan Tekin Eriksson

Under growing pressure from regulators, investors and customers, oil and gas operators urgently need to reduce their methane emissions. Mitigation is a big challenge, but intelligently combining current and emerging technologies offers a rapid, cost-effective route to success.

Executive Viewpoint: 3D digital twin tech delivers visual context to O&G Sector, is “game changer’ for inspections

Simon Bae

The oil and gas industry is unique in many ways, and one of them is the harshness of the environments in which many oil and gas facilities operate.

Data and knowledge are instrumental to digital transformation, software executive says

Maddy McCarty

The oil and gas industry is still living in the data world as if it was the early 1990s, said Paula Doyle, Senior Vice President, Energy, for Cognite, while noting that data and digital transformation are extremely important for the energy transition and energy future.

Upgrade your facility tech to improve maintenance and worker safety

Rama Sreenivasan

Digital transformation can help combat climate change impact on oil and gas facilities and workers, but the industry has been slow to adapt. In a tech-based future, companies need to invest in digital options like WiFi boosting, drone technology, and remote inspections.

Electrifying offshore oil and gas production

Donald Ross

Long an industry challenge, the electrification of offshore infrastructure enables use of renewable power and simultaneously creates a natural path to digitalization and further environmental impact reduction. This paves the way for the reinvention of offshore oil and gas production.

Carbon+Intel: Schlumberger DELFI Digital Platform selected by Northern Lights JV for CO2 project

The Northern Lights joint venture between Equinor, Shell, and TotalEnergies will use the DELFI environment to optimize performance in carbon transport and storage.

Big Data: What is a significant sample size?

Gavin Ward

At the risk of writing the shortest ever technical article, the answer is 30 or more.

Giving control back to the driller: Fully integrated MPD systems

Mike Vander Staak

A comprehensive suite of products advances drilling with excellent, integrated capabilities

Digitizing operations increases completion efficiency, addresses environmental and cost challenges

Jose Garza

As fracturing intensities continue to push component capabilities, a system-level approach is required to further enhance operational efficiencies. An innovative completion technology ecosystem has delivered OPEX savings and QHSE improvement through system integration, automation and digital control capabilities.

Automating well control for managed pressure drilling operations

Bryan Atchison, Chad Wuest

Automation of drilling operations minimizes safety risks while increasing efficiency. Targeting well control operations provides meaningful advances to operational performance and risk reduction.