Tomax first to move drilling technology into e-commerce space

February 28, 2024

(WO) – An increase in global demand means the Tomax sales system must be scaled up. To have this happen in a sustainable and cost-effective way, Tomax has set out to pioneer moving drilling tools into the digital business space.

Starting March 5. 2024, Tomax will put a web-shop cart on the site. This “Click’n Rent” cart will lead to a choice between a price estimate and an interactive order form. 

Click’n Rent provides discrete access to estimated pricing for Tomax products delivered anywhere in the world. Consequent orders are thoroughly documented as per e-commerce standards and can be revisited and updated on a 24/7 basis. Relevant QA and operational documents are available with the order.

Since 2005, Niche supplier Tomax AS and subsidiaries have worked with operators and scientist to characterize the disturbing harmonics in the long pipe used for deep drilling. The results are put into an autonomous Anti Stick-Slip Tool (AST) or regulator that counteracts the disturbance and produces a steady load adapted to modern drill-bits. The result is an average efficiency improvement of about 30%. The efficiency boost has made the AST regulator the fastest growing new technology in drilling.

“The potential for process improvement and savings compared to manual systems are big.” says president of Tomax, Håkon Skjelvik. “Another important value with new technology is the access to correct data for value assessments," he says.




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