Addressing Hydrogen Challenges in Upstream Energy Service

December 06, 2023
Greene Tweed
Energy sources & supplies are constantly changing, often through disruptive technology. Wood to coal, coal to oil and gas (hydrocarbons), and now hydrocarbon to hydrogen. In almost all cases, the disruptive changes seen in a new industry segment also create opportunities in existing industry segments. Discover how unique applications, such as crosslinked PEEK and specialized FKM compounds, can make all the difference in solving hydrogen-related performance problems. New compounds tested with hydrogen at national laboratories are making waves in other markets, and evidence suggests that they may be leveraged for oil and gas applications as well. Hear from experts at Greene Tweed about their unique approach to disruptive materials development and how it can be leveraged to enable success in hydrogen and other applications.

Steel Material Performance for Hydrogen Transport and Storage

November 10, 2022
Hydrogen is set to play a key role in the energy transition acting as a low-emission energy carrier for various applications. To ensure safe transport and storage of compressed gaseous hydrogen, steels must be proven resistant to such environments, since hydrogen is also known to affect mechanical properties of some materials, a phenomenon named hydrogen embrittlement. Based on Vallourec’s comprehensive expertise in developing safe and tight products for the transportation and storage of hydrogen, this webcast will discuss hydrogen embrittlement and the resistance of steel materials, analyze testing methodologies and present the results of the tests performed by Vallourec on a selection of steel grades for OCTG pipes, line pipes and pressure vessels in the presence of pure H2 gas, and conclude on its qualified product offering and future developments.

Hydrogen-tight connections for underground storage

November 16, 2021
As a leader in tubular solutions, Vallourec developed a new protocol for qualification of connections aimed at hydrogen storage wells. This test program, as well as results showing excellent hydrogen tightness of VAM® 21 premium connection, will be presented in this webcast.
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