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9/21/2018 Pemex, Block 7 consortium sign Mexico's first pre-unitization agreement

9/21/2018 Aker BP completes delineation of Hanz field, drilling of North Sea wildcat

9/21/2018 Transocean Norge contracted for NCS drilling

9/21/2018 Iranian oil blow sparks curious price divergence

9/21/2018 Shell in talks to sell $1.3 billion in Gulf Coast assets

9/21/2018 Russia's biggest oil producers have never had it so good

9/21/2018 OPEC squabbles lose relevance as Saudis, Russians set agenda

9/20/2018 RRC names assistant executive director, O&G division director

9/20/2018 Highlands Natural Resources provides operations update on East Denver Project

9/20/2018 Texas Alliance announces full endorsement for RRC chairman

9/20/2018 Cubility announces its largest product deployment to the North American market

9/20/2018 Exxon among majors to join Oil and Gas Climate Initiative

9/20/2018 Trump presses OPEC to reduce oil prices as Brent nears $80

9/20/2018 Verus Petroleum announces $400-million acquisition of E&P company

9/20/2018 Hydra enters saturation diving market, prepares for industry upturn

9/20/2018 Iran warns it will veto OPEC decisions harming its interests

9/20/2018 Canadian shale drillers feel Permian-type pain as prices collapse

9/20/2018 Russian oil output hits new high before OPEC talks

9/19/2018 Interior Department revises "burdensome" Venting and Flaring Rule

9/19/2018 HALO acquires Third Energy Offshore Ltd.

9/19/2018 Prosafe wins $12-million support contract

9/19/2018 Chet Morrison Contractors, iSIMS introduce structurally optimized jacket design

9/19/2018 Riverstone plans $900-million sale of oilfield services equipment company

9/19/2018 FSO tow and installation complete for Culzean field, offshore UK

9/19/2018 U.S. gas a no-go for Chinese buyers despite weaker tariff

9/19/2018 Battered oil-sands servicers pin hopes on Shell's LNG project

9/18/2018 TGS announces new multi-beam, seep study project in the MSGBC basin

9/18/2018 Equinor granted drilling permit for wildcat, west of Atlantis discovery

9/18/2018 Saudi Arabia is said to be comfortable with Brent above $80

9/18/2018 Gardner Denver releases newest pressure pumping fluid end technology

9/18/2018 BHGE lands integrated services contract for major offshore expansion in Saudi Arabia