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4/10/2020 Mexico accepts oil output deal, says Trump resolved its impasse with OPEC+

4/10/2020 Trump calls OPEC+ deal a “very acceptable agreement”

4/10/2020 OPEC+ deal threatened as Mexico walks out, refusing to participate in cuts

4/9/2020 Saudi Arabia and Russia end their oil-price war with output cut agreement

4/9/2020 Alberta’s premier sees oil tariffs gaining traction in North America

4/9/2020 Trump got the oil deal he wanted – by not dealing at all

4/9/2020 Oil gains hold as OPEC+ agreement aligns with expectations

4/9/2020 OPEC and allies agree to 10 MMbpd production cut

4/9/2020 Oxy wants financial aid, not market support, for U.S. oil companies

4/9/2020 Trendsetter Vulcan Offshore experts collaborate to develop coronavirus PPE

4/9/2020 WFS, AeonX team up to deliver asset integrity, flow assurance in Nigeria

4/9/2020 G-20 plans to monitor implementation of OPEC+ agreement to ensure compliance

4/9/2020 Oil rally continues as Russia holds promise for an agreement Thursday

4/9/2020 Trump administration opposed to royalty relief for oil companies

4/9/2020 Oil extends rally as Russia agrees to production cut

4/8/2020 Daily Brief podcast, Wednesday, April 8th

4/8/2020 Marathon’s ‘frac holidays’ in Q2 will cut 2020 CAPEX spend

4/8/2020 Siemens and Uniper develop joint decarbonization plan for power generation

4/8/2020 Norway greenlights new wind farm to power offshore production platforms

4/8/2020 Pemex plans to double its well count in spite of oil price crash

4/8/2020 Russia signals distrust in a U.S. contribution to global production cuts

4/8/2020 Offshore drilling innovator Larry Robert Gardner passes at 79

4/8/2020 Possibility of output cuts helps oil prices inch higher

4/8/2020 India buying millions of barrels of Saudi crude for strategic reserves

4/7/2020 Exxon takes deep cuts in shale plays to cut spending by 30%

4/7/2020 Total divests of $400 million in exploration, production and distribution assets

4/7/2020 A look at the major players in this week’s “OPEC++” meeting

4/7/2020 Oil continues its climb as an output deal draws nearer

4/7/2020 Gulf of Mexico operators move proactively to keep oil flowing during pandemic

4/7/2020 Progress continues, slowly, toward an historic global oil deal

4/7/2020 Permian gas flaring declines as production slows