May 20, 2024
ADNOC has acquired an 11.7% stake in Phase 1 of NextDecade Corporation’s Rio Grande LNG in Texas, United States. The project is expected to produce a less carbon-intensive LNG. Additionally, ADNOC and NextDecade have entered into a 20-year LNG offtake agreement from RGLNG Train 4.

Optical Gas Imaging in US Regulatory Framework

April 24, 2024
FLIR Systems
Since its inception in 2005, Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) has been an integral part of emission reduction in the oil and gas industry. Over that time, OGI cameras have been the center of the LDAR and EHS markets as the flagship technology for emissions mitigation. Beginning in 2008 with the Alternate Work Practice and most recently as the BSER for NSPS OOOOb and Appendix K of the March 6, 2024, U.S. EPA regulation, OGI technology has proven to be an efficient and effective means of regulatory compliance while also empowering oil and gas operators to increase safety and enhance productivity. The newest in OGI cameras have advanced features that help users meet these stringent regulatory requirements and increase LDAR inspection efficacy. In this webinar, FLIR Global Business Development Manager, Craig O’Neill will discuss how the NSPS OOOOb elevates the use of Optical Gas Imaging for leak detection. Who Should Attend: Air Quality Professionals, Compliance Officers, Directors of Compliance, EHS Professionals, Environmental Professionals, Fugitive Emissions Professionals, HSE Professionals, LDAR Professionals, Maintenance Managers, OGI Technicians, Operations Managers, Platform Managers, Reliability Professionals.

Addressing Hydrogen Challenges in Upstream Energy Service

December 06, 2023
Greene Tweed
Energy sources & supplies are constantly changing, often through disruptive technology. Wood to coal, coal to oil and gas (hydrocarbons), and now hydrocarbon to hydrogen. In almost all cases, the disruptive changes seen in a new industry segment also create opportunities in existing industry segments. Discover how unique applications, such as crosslinked PEEK and specialized FKM compounds, can make all the difference in solving hydrogen-related performance problems. New compounds tested with hydrogen at national laboratories are making waves in other markets, and evidence suggests that they may be leveraged for oil and gas applications as well. Hear from experts at Greene Tweed about their unique approach to disruptive materials development and how it can be leveraged to enable success in hydrogen and other applications.

Sustainable Cement-Free System to Decarbonize Well Construction

November 01, 2023
Decarbonizing the well construction process while ensuring safety and performance standards is critical to our industry’s pathway to net zero. EcoShield™ geopolymer cement-free system is a breakthrough that delivers industry-standard zonal isolation capabilities while significantly minimizing the impact from upstream oil and gas production. EcoShield aims to minimize the CO2 footprint for oil and gas well construction and beyond. An industry-first technology eliminates up to 85 percent of embodied CO2 emissions compared with conventional cement systems. EcoShield system has the potential to avoid up to 5 million metric tons of CO2 emissions annually. EcoShield family of products can be deployed throughout various phases of the well life cycle including abandonment across a range of field applications, including corrosive environments while delivering superior technical performance. The technology fits within standard oilfield cementing workflows without major changes to the design process, onsite execution, or post-job evaluation. EcoShield is an example of forward-thinking, innovative technology that will be able to be scaled and deployed to help continue the decarbonization of the oil and gas industry. These types of more sustainable, lower-carbon technologies are critically important today as we continue to discover and develop the new energy solutions of tomorrow.

Practical Solutions to Decarbonizing Drilling Operations

November 08, 2023
Canrig Drilling Technologies
Tackling scope one emissions from oil and gas operations requires innovative, purpose-built technologies that are economic and scalable. By incorporating a combination of advanced technologies such as engine management, fuel enhancing additives, traditional highline power sources, and energy storage systems into drilling operations we can effectively reduce scope one emissions from operations. We will showcase our comprehensive portfolio of drilling technologies, designed to reduce carbon emissions and fuel costs across the globe, regardless of rig type.

Advanced Strategies for Temperature Control in Extreme Conditions: A Comprehensive Guide for Upstream and Midstream Operators During Summer's Record-Breaking Heat

October 04, 2023
Immerse in an enlightening webinar unveiling cutting-edge methods for precise product temperature control, even amidst unprecedented summer heat waves. Embark on a journey through the remarkable achievements of a leading oil and gas subsidiary, demonstrating excellence in maintaining consistent oil temperatures despite challenges in daily processing operations amidst scorching highs. Delve into the transformative impact of Aggreko's advanced cooling solution, seamlessly integrating exchangers and chillers, revolutionizing conventional practices. Through effectively reducing temperatures from 110 degrees Fahrenheit to a more manageable range of around 75 degrees Fahrenheit, they've not only achieved a substantial enhancement in safety measures but also addressed the critical goal of preventing off-gassing from storage tanks. This sustainable enhancement underscores Aggreko’s proficiency in maintaining effective product temperature management. Gain invaluable insights from this success story and embrace adaptable strategies to overcome the unique challenges in your industry.

Decarbonizing Oil and Gas Production by Getting Closer to the Action

September 27, 2023
Success in oil and gas has historically relied on maximizing production at the lowest cost per barrel. Now the imperative to decarbonize introduces a new critical performance metric—achieving ROI at the lowest carbon emissions per barrel. With increased pressure on majors, NOCs and independents alike, producing oil and gas with lowest possible greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint is quickly becoming a priority for both new and existing assets. But where to get started? In this webcast, SLB experts will dive into some root causes of GHG emissions in production operations.

Reduce Environmental Footprint without Compromising Performance

August 02, 2023
Our scientific qualification methodology proves the impact of our technologies through methodology defining environmental attributes that support the UN SDG framework, that enables our customers to quantifiably improve sustainability and avoid emissions in their operations with ES products and services. The ENVIROUNIT offshore slop water treatment system provides a rig-based solution for treating and recycling slop water. The multi-step process reduces waste volume by more than 95% over conventional methods. ATC automatic tank-cleaning technology reduces cleaning time, crew requirement, carbon footprint and minimizes confined-space entry. ATC improves safety, waste generation and associated emissions, decreases personnel onboard and downtime during the cleaning process. Reducing emissions associated with waste handling and transportation by up to 87%. iWISE integrated waste injection services entails the safe disposal of drilling waste into subsurface strata. It is the only elimination method, rather than a treatment method and it is considered the best available technology for drilling waste disposal.

Collaboration and Digitalization will Shape the Future of FPSO Performance

June 28, 2023
SLB, Rockwell Automation, Sensia, Cognite
The FPSO market is seeing an unprecedented amount of investment in new and refurbished vessels. And while the industry traditionally adopts a conservative approach to change, a new paradigm is needed to allow new technologies and expertise from multiple companies to come together to evolve the performance of FPSOs. This panel discussion brings together an industry coalition to discuss how a digital approach to the design, build, integration and operation of these vessels will give operators better visibility into their operations, increase reliability and predictability, and assure equipment uptime and performance.

Balancing Energy Security, Affordability and Sustainability

May 09, 2023
Aspen Technology
Disruptions in energy markets, lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, conflict in Europe – all have added to the Energy Trilemma. Digital solutions are playing a critical role in identifying pathways to address the dual challenge of meeting the growing need for energy and resources while reducing emissions. Please join Vice-President of Content of Gulf Energy Information, Lee Nichols, Dr. Carole Nakhle, CEO of Crystol Energy and Dr. Paige Marie Morse, Sustainability Advisor at AspenTech, for a panel discussion moderated by Ron Beck, Sr. Director Solutions Marketing at AspenTech, as they address a range of topics, including: • How the last 18 month rebalanced the narrative of energy security and sustainability • How digital technology fits into the industry transition and balancing act • The implications for the Inflation Reduction Act’s “carrot” approach as opposed to the “stick” Attend this free webinar and get actionable ideas for how your company can address the challenging balancing act in today’s energy markets. There will be a Q&A session following the event. We encourage you to join the conversation by submitting questions when registering.

The Only Path to Rapid Decarbonization is through Digitalization and Automation

May 10, 2023
SLB, Rockwell Automation and Sensia
Oil and gas companies across the globe are quickly adopting energy transition strategies to align with government regulations and public sentiment towards meeting net-zero goals. Technology can play a major part in rapidly implementing these strategies. This panel discussion will look at the positive impact of digitalization and automation on this journey and provide real-life use cases that demonstrate the effectiveness of adopting this approach in reducing the carbon footprint of your operations across the oil and gas value chain.

Achieve Sustainable Gas Exploration and Production to Advance Energy Security

May 17, 2023
Aspen Technology
Natural gas remains a readily available, low-carbon feedstock, providing a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions vs. traditional liquid hydrocarbons. However, it’s critical to optimize operations across your assets’ lifecycle to offset threats of sustainability and energy security. Join World Oil and AspenTech experts as they discuss how innovative digital solutions support end-to-end gas exploration and production, enabling your teams to: • Efficiently delineate and find economical natural gas producing opportunities • Accelerate time to first gas • Lower the environmental footprint of development • Maximize asset utilization by optimizing production Register now to join the conversation! Learn how you can leverage digital solutions to meet the increased demand for natural gas.

Integrated CO2 transportation and injection

April 19, 2023
CO2 transportation and injection systems are the critical conduits that move captured CO2 from their sources to permanent underground storage locations. These systems will vary in size and complexity, but most will include some form of CO2 analysis, treatment, compression, and monitoring. During injection operations, fluctuations in upstream capture composition and volume will happen in parallel with downstream changes to store behavior. To actively manage this end-to-end variability, the transportation and injection system needs an integrated, automated control system that links upstream process control equipment with downhole instrumentation. In this webinar, TechnipFMC and Halliburton will provide an overview of their integrated CO2 transportation and injection solutions and explain how client value can be created through system integration.

Steel Material Performance for Hydrogen Transport and Storage

November 10, 2022
Hydrogen is set to play a key role in the energy transition acting as a low-emission energy carrier for various applications. To ensure safe transport and storage of compressed gaseous hydrogen, steels must be proven resistant to such environments, since hydrogen is also known to affect mechanical properties of some materials, a phenomenon named hydrogen embrittlement. Based on Vallourec’s comprehensive expertise in developing safe and tight products for the transportation and storage of hydrogen, this webcast will discuss hydrogen embrittlement and the resistance of steel materials, analyze testing methodologies and present the results of the tests performed by Vallourec on a selection of steel grades for OCTG pipes, line pipes and pressure vessels in the presence of pure H2 gas, and conclude on its qualified product offering and future developments.

The Oilfields Energy Transition Lowering Emissions Getting You Closer to Your Net-Zero Commitments

October 27, 2022
Understanding todays oilfield industry's electrification challenges is undoubtedly no easy task. With the mounting environmental mandates, continued pressure to manage operating expenses, and lowering emissions at the project site, it makes more sense than ever to have a power engineering partner. Investing in technology that will not only get your project up and running quicker and under budget but that’s' as well environmentally friendly. During this 60-minute webcast, we will discuss the topics facing the Upstream & Midstream Oil & Gas Industry and examine oilfield electrification methods to obtain greater operational efficiencies and also a means to reduce emissions by meeting and exceeding environmental requirements.

CCUS: Best Practices for Well Construction and Design

November 11, 2022
SLB, Corrosion Resistant Alloys, Gulf Coast CO2
During this 60-minutes webcast, we will discuss the following: 1) “Common Issues surrounding CCS Well Construction”, presented by Dan Morrell, Drilling Consultant from SLB. 2) “CCUS: Well Design & Technical Challenges”, presented by Tommy Najar, Vice President, Commercial from Corrosion Resistant Alloys. 3) “CCUS Wellbore Construction and Design”, presented by Lindsay C. Longman Sr., P.E., Drilling Engineer from Gulf Coast CO2.

Ways to Increase ESG through new Flaring and Fracturing Technology

October 13, 2022
SICK, Catalyst Energy Services and GD Energy Products
During this 60-minutes workshop, we will discuss the following: 1) "Everything You Need to Know about Flaring in 2022", presented by TJ McIntrye, Upstream Account Director and Irvin Schwartzenburg, Applications Engineer for Flow Products from SICK. 2) "Eco-Conscious Hydraulic Fracturing Has Arrived", presented by Seth Moore, Co-founder, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer from Catalyst Energy Services and Tony McLain, Vice President of Sales from GD Energy Products.

Leveraging Oil & Gas expertise to enhance geothermal projects worldwide

October 06, 2022
Geothermal operators are facing several technical challenges that need to be tackled to ensure that geothermal wells are reliable on the long-run and optimized in terms of heat supply efficiency. The premium solutions (material, grades and services) that have been used for decades in Oil & Gas activities show promising results in enhancing geothermal wells’ reliability and performance. However, specific evaluations need to be performed to guarantee their compatibility. In this webcast, Maximilien De Maisonneuve and François Penven, in charge of the Geothermal division at Vallourec, will introduce how available technologies at Vallourec can help geothermal operators meet challenging scenarios as well as to ensure their projects’ cost effectiveness. These solutions will be illustrated by some real business cases. Finally, the speakers will also shed some light on what the future of tubular solutions could look like for the next generation of geothermal wells.

Using Electricity in the Oilfield Workshop: Standards and Sustainability

September 01, 2022
Burns & McDonnell, Oehring Advisors LLC
During this 60-minutes workshop, we will discuss the following topics: 1) "Sustainability in Oilfield Electrification: Applying the Envision® Framework", presented by Sara Tomashitis, Project Manager and James Yung, Project Manager from Burns & McDonnell. 2) "Electric Oilfield Standards", presented by Jared Oehring, Founder and President and Richard Hoffman, Chief Risk Officer from Oehring Advisors LLC.

Extend your life of field with TechnipFMC’s integrated Produced Water Treatment solutions

August 18, 2022
TechnipFMC understands the challenges operators face with produced water and has formed technology alliances with Stauper and Filtra-Systems, to create complete and integrated Produced Water Treatment solutions. In this webcast we will show you how our high performing Produced Water Treatment solutions lead to enhanced oil recovery, meeting and exceeding environmental requirements, and create value by reducing total cost of ownership. Our technology alliance gives you access to the best available technologies, engineering and design; a combination that enables us to completely integrate produced water treatment systems and debottleneck existing operations, within the same footprint.

Oilfield Electrification Infrastructure Workshop: Summer 2022

July 14, 2022
Burns & McDonnell and Dynamis Power Solutions
During this 60-minutes workshop, we will discuss the following: 1) Optimizing Oilfield Electrification: An Integrated Approach. Presented by Simon Palacio, Business Development Manager and Omar Urquidez, Utility Consulting Department Manager from Burns & McDonnell. 2) Advancements in Mobile Power Solutions, from Batteries to Large Turbines. Presented by Dave Bosco Senior Business Development Manager and Travis Simmering, VP of Sales and Marketing from Dynamis Power Solutions.
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