Overturning of Biden’s LNG export ban a “win” for U.S. energy, Energy Workforce says

July 04, 2024

(WO) – On Monday, a federal court sided with 16 states to lift the administration’s pause on new permit approvals for LNG exports.  Judge James Cain of the Western District of Louisiana ruled that the DOE has failed to justify why it needed to pause approvals to review the process by which it permits projects. Energy Workforce released the following statement applauding the decision.

Energy Workforce & Technology Council President Tim Tarpley

“The court’s decision is a win for American energy,” said Energy Workforce President Tim Tarpley. “The LNG pause has been detrimental to our economy, hindering job creation and creating uncertainty for our friends and allies who rely on American LNG. By lifting this “pause”, we can now move forward with projects that will bolster American energy production and provide our allies with reliable energy sources. We must continue to send the message that the United States is committed to maintaining our position as a global energy leader.”

U.S. LNG exports yield significant economic advantages by bolstering natural gas production, thereby enhancing labor income within the sector and driving down the costs of imported goods while bolstering the value of the dollar, consequently stimulating heightened economic activity, according to the Center for LNG.

Further, studies show that U.S. LNG exports serve to stabilize the domestic market while incentivizing increased natural gas production, thereby catalyzing billions of dollars in fresh investments that benefit local communities.

This infusion of capital not only generates tax revenues but also fosters employment opportunities, with job creation numbering in the thousands during the construction phase and extending into the tens of thousands across the supply chain during operational phases, including manufacturing roles.

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