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Saving billions with bots

Craig Fleming, World Oil

The combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning and the industrial internet of things is enabling remote operations and automation capabilities, leading to greater adoption and proliferation of intelligent oilfield operations.

How COVID-19 accelerated the cloud adoption future in oil & gas

John Tully, SAP

The need to digitally transform — by taking actions such as streamlining and automating business processes, managing data across the organization and overseeing remote workers — is only greater in the face of COVID-19 developments.

Honeywell rolls out AI-enabled tech to support the EU’s methane emissions reduction strategy

Honeywell is launching its gas cloud imaging system in Europe to provide automated and continuous monitoring for leaks of dangerous and polluting gases such as methane at oil and gas, chemical and power generation facilities across the continent.

Machine learning for predicting stochastic fluid and mineral volumes in complex unconventional reservoirs

Fred Jenson, Chiranjith Ranganathan, Shi Xiuping, Ted Holden, CGG

A machine learning workflow can quickly, and accurately, predict mineralogy, porosity and saturation in multiple wells to better understand productive layers in unconventional oil reservoirs.

ChampionX adds autonomous control for rod lift wells in new XSPOC 3.1 software release

ChampionX Artificial Lift announced the launch of XSPOC 3.1, the latest release of its production optimization software. This release provides a number of powerful updates to the XSPOC platform, including advancements in setpoint optimization for rod lift wells and AI-driven autonomous control to better optimize production assets with less resources and time.

Petronas partners with AVEVA to drive digital transformation advances

“At Petronas, we are continuously looking to create value with disruptive technologies that offer optimum solutions. Utilizing AVEVA Unified Supply Chain software, we have been able to adopt a more integrated business process, that optimizes our productivity, allowing us to deliver with less,” said Yusri Yusof, vice president of refining and trading at Petronas.

ABS ISQM process evaluates critical software systems risk

One of the world’s largest semi-submersible, heavy-lift crane platforms has been awarded the ABS Integrated Software Quality Management (ISQM) notation, recognizing its risk-based approach to critical software control safety systems.

Norway’s oil regulator taps Halliburton’s cloud services to power its national data repository

Halliburton has signed an eight-year contract with the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate to deploy and operate Diskos, the Norwegian national repository of seismic, well, and production data for the oil and gas industry.

Wärtsilä lands energy storage project at Hickory Park Solar in the U.S.

The Wärtsilä system will enable a subsidiary of RWE Renewables, Hickory Park Solar, LLC, to sell nearly 200 MW of generation from the solar PV panels to Georgia Power Company.

Weatherford’s CEO sees energy transition, digital transformation as top OFS priorities going forward

Girish K. Saligram, Weatherford; Kurt Abraham, World Oil

Having taken over the top spot at Weatherford last October, President and CEO Girish Saligram is positioning the firm for post-Covid-19 excellence. Editor-in-Chief Kurt Abraham spoke with Mr. Saligram about his priorities for the future.

Efficiency of coiled tubing well interventions increased by hybrid electro-optical technology

Pierre Ramondenc, Juan Pablo Taboada, Jordi Segura, Schlumberger

A noise-immune hybrid electro-optical technology enables reliable real-time downhole data transmission and continuous electrical power delivery for coiled tubing operations. The result is improved efficiency in conventional CT applications and in an expanding array of interventions.

The next generation of land drilling: Hybrid-powered rig combined with energy storage

Josh Morrison, Caterpillar Oil & Gas

Supporting drilling contractors and operators’ ESG goals and objectives for a carbon-neutral future, Caterpillar has created targeted solutions. Among these is the Cat Energy Storage Solution, a hybrid energy technology integrated with natural gas gensets for land drilling applications.

Digital twin technology offers a unified vision for the future of the industry

Jostein Lien, FutureOn

Next-generation oil and gas projects will benefit from the improved collaboration and shared goals made possible by increased digitalization and high-quality visualization tools.

Capturing real-time data during drilling and tripping operations improves efficiency and well placement

Mats Andersen, Sanna Zainoune, Eirik Vandvik, NOV

A wired drill pipe system enables real-time data transmission and sends constant information to decision-makers during drilling and tripping. North Sea case studies demonstrate how combining multiple downhole tool technologies has improved drilling efficiency and prevented various issues.

Digital transformation for oil & gas investors

Douglas C. Nester, PetroAi LLC

Informed investment decisions require access to the complete knowledge potential existing within digital data available in today’s oil and gas fields. Emerging applications provide investors with access to machine learning, AI analytics, and smart monitoring technologies necessary to mine these data.

AVEVA and OSIsoft combine to drive increased digital performance for industrial organizations

The combined portfolio brings OSIsoft’s world-class data management together with AVEVA’s leading industrial software to unlock Performance Intelligence.

Ecopetrol taps Aspen Technology to accelerate its digital transformation goals

Ecopetrol has selected Aspen GDOT dynamic optimization software as part of its digitalization initiative to improve refining margins at its two refineries in Cartagena and Barrancabermeja, and upgrading to Aspen DMC3 advanced process control software in Barrancabermeja refinery.

ROI is the secret sauce for sustainable digital transformation

Zachary Burke, Radix Engineering and Software

For digital transformation to be beneficial and long-lasting, it has to complement business goals. It is important to keep expectations realistic with respect to the current level of digital maturity.

Wärtsilä to supply and maintain two major interconnected energy storage systems for Texas grid services

The Madero and Ignacio energy storage plants will deliver valuable grid support to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), the body responsible for managing the electric supply to more than 25 million customers.

Total and Microsoft partner to drive digital innovation and net zero goals

Total and Microsoft have agreed to collaborate as strategic partners to further digital transformation and support progress toward net-zero emissions.