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Driving Operational Excellence at the Frontline Level through a Performance-Driven Learning Strategy

Thursday, October 8, 2020 10:00 AM

In the Oil & Gas industry, frontline workers determine the productivity of multibillion dollar assets. Today’s frontline workers have widely varied backgrounds, education, and experience. They control operating environments that are more complex than ever. Workforce training and enablement is both an everyday challenge and a generational opportunity to drive operational excellence through new approaches. Join this webinar to get a better understanding of: • Going beyond traditional methods to drive operational excellence through simulation, XR, and cloud • Access to just-in-time information for ongoing performance support • Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for impact measurement and continuous improvement

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ShaleTech™ Hydraulic Fracturing Forum: Summer 2020

Thursday, September 17, 2020 10:00 AM

During this 60 minute live webcast, Moderator, Joe D. Woods, President, International Pinpoint, will lead discussion on these topics: 1) “Economic Impact of Comprehensive Zonal Isolation Design during Hydraulic Fracturing of Cementless Completions”, with presenter, Yosafat Esquitin, Business Development Manager – Well Completions, Welltec. 2) “How Registered Biocides Protect Your Assets, Your People and Your Reservoir”, with presenter, Lynn Yakoweshen, Global Business Manager, Stepan Oilfield Solutions. 3) “How High Viscosity Friction Reducers Can Effectively Drive Down Hydraulic Fracturing Costs”, with presenter, Andrew Babey, Business Development Manager – Stimulation, Newpark Fluid Systems.

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Emerging Oil & Gas Well Technology Forum: Summer 2020

Wednesday, August 26, 2020 10:00 AM

During this 60-minute live webcast, we will discuss the following topics: 1) “How to Implement Rigless ESP Technology to Overcome the Roadblocks to Adopting Higher Lift Methods in Offshore and ERD Wells”, with presenter, Will Standifird, VP Customer Success, AccessESP. 2) “Leveraging Innovative Downhole Mechanical Intervention Tools to Save Costs and Maximize Recovery”, with presenter, Garry Andrews, Technical Account Manager, Welltec Inc, USA. 3) “A Step Change in Perforating Performance: Kraken Delivers Value Beyond Conventional Completion Techniques”, with presenter, JD Schmidt, Chief Operating Officer, Enhanced Energetics.

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How Chemical Tracers can reduce costs, boost production, and guide adaptive strategies in a rapidly changing oilfield market

Wednesday, July 29, 2020 9:00 AM

With oil prices hitting decade lows and energy activities downsized during a global pandemic, operators globally are seeking assurance that every spend drives a strong return on investment. Yet many completion and production choices are made in an environment of uncertainty, making technology that can inform well design and operational planning more crucial than ever. Chemical tracers are one such tool. A proven and reliable method of reservoir surveillance, tracer studies have demonstratable value for quickly and accurately adapting field strategies to real-time market needs. Whether a conventional or unconventional field, a properly designed and utilized tracer study has the potential to reduce lifting costs, improve production, and mitigate risk to CAPEX/OPEX spends. In this webinar, industry experts will provide an overview of current tracer technologies, dispel marketing myths, and detail a holistic use of tracers and the value added for multiple case studies across the globe. Application of tracers in hydraulically fractured wells, extended-reach well inflow studies, and flood-driven EOR case studies will all be covered. By the conclusion of this talk, the audience will have a working knowledge of the frontiers of tracer technology as well as an understanding of how this potent, low-risk, and low-cost tool can innovate their current field production plans.

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