March 2004 ///

Special Focus

Hydraulic multi-drop control redefines IC economics

Operators are using hydraulic, multi-dropped intelligent completion systems to maximize output and cut costs in both low-capex and high-capex environments

Intelligent well system succeeds offshore West Africa

Correct technology selection, as well as careful planning and implementation, ensured successful installation

Optimizing reservoir performance with intelligent wells

Considering the benefits derived by maximizing output and reserve recovery, operators can afford to invest in greater utilization


An in-depth analysis shows Caspian oil's potential

One area that can compete with the Middle East for large-scale investments is the Caspian Sea region, which has great reserve potential and a key location

Extended casing points in abnormal pressure - drill-in liners

Managed pressure liner drilling is an alternative practice that can be used for reducing trouble time and reaching objectives in critical, narrow-margin wells

Key issues and technologies for casing while drilling

Adoption of this emerging technology is spreading geographically and across applications, thanks to new solutions ranging from rig design to downhole tools

Petroleum Technology Digest: Horizontal waterflooding increases injectivity, speeds recovery

Short-radius drilling has been used to complete horizontal wells for higher injectivity, improved sweep and accelerated recovery

Riser concepts for Mexican deepwater production systems

Several potential riser systems are available for deepwater, subsea field developments, but selecting one should not be an isolated decision

Rock physics and AVO effects in Mississippian-age rocks

Lambda-Mu-Rho analysis and impedance inversion were used to locate high-porosity zones in shallow carbonates of Saskatchwan's Williston basin

Uses for corrosion-resistant carbon-composite line pipe

Where environmental and corrosion effects are a concern, or where jointed pipe would be difficult, using this technology can benefit operators

Valhall life of field seismic: Permanent, on-demand 4D

In a bold commitment, the Vallhall field partners are conducting a time-lapse seismic experiment in a complex geological location


Drilling advances

UK supports exploration; LWD formation pressure tester

Editorial Comment

Doom! The end is near.

International Politics

Venezuela plays Russia against the US; Brazil finances expansion

What's new in production

LNG asserts itself

What's new in exploration

New seismic source; other-world oil

News & Resources

Companies in the news

Vol. 225 No. 3  Tenaris, a supplier of tubular goods and services to the oil and gas industry worldwide, announced that its Siderca seamless pipe operations in Campana, Argentina, were awarded the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) quality manag

Industry at a glance

Vol. 225 No. 3   On February 10, OPEC cut its output 1.0 million bopd, effective April 1. January data from IEA indicate that, on a percentage basis, Nigeria has been the worst, large violator, producing 332,000 bopd abov

New products

Vol. 225 No. 3  Forged-steel crankshafts LeTourneau Ellis Williams Company (LEWCO) introduced a line of balanced forged steel replacement crankshafts to fit major brands of mud pumps having input ratings of 1,300, 1,600, or 2,200

People in industry

Vol. 225 No. 3  Baker Hughes Inc. named James R. Clark as president and COO. He joined the company in 2001 as president of Baker Petrolite, and since August 2003 has been VP of marketing and technology for the Baker Hughes. Clark was formerly pre

World of Oil

Vol. 225 No. 3  KURT S. ABRAHAM, MANAGING/INTERNATIONAL EDITOR   Click Here for Kurt's Opinion Olmos Block signed up Mexic