November 2003 ///

Special Focus

A concise guide to water frac design

Previously, water-frac design was more art than science. Here's a design procedure from a field operation standpoint, with field results for comparisons

Fiber optic temperature monitoring optimizes water injection, well production

Fiber optic-based, distributed temperature sensing was successfully applied to wells in Oman, allowing performance to be monitored for optimal output and intervention

Matrix treatment arrests production decline in deepwater GOM well

Case history and lab tests of successful salt block inhibitor that prevents serious wellbore scale deposits


Assessing margin to prospect scale controls on hydrocarbon leakage and seepage

The objective is to develop a better understanding of how to use remote sensing techniques, specifically, synthetic aperture radar, to reduce exploration uncertainty

Brazil furthers its leadership in deepwater E&P

This overview examines the latest upstream work in Brazil's deepwater

Fracture and satellite hyperspectral analysis for petroleum exploration

Two research projects demonstrated that there is strong correlation between areas of high fracture density and petroleum production from fractured Devonian shales

How to drill and develop an oil field in an urban setting

BreitBurn Energy used a novel, award-winning rack & pinion drilling rig in its East Beverly Hills oil field. The West Pico drillsite is located in West Los Angeles in the middle of a busy residential/ commercial sector

Petroleum Technology Digest: Gravel packing through the shoe saves horizontal openhole job

Horizontal gravel packs have been achieved by placing additional gravel through the shoes, salvaging what otherwise would have been unsuccessful completions


Companies in the news

Vol. 224 No. 11  Jason Geosystems has changed its operating name to Fugro-Jason. Fugro NV acquired Jason Geosystems BV in 2001. Fugro-Jason will remain an independent operation and will continue to offer expert consultancy services in reservo

New literature

Vol. 224 No. 11  High-force hydraulic tools In their new product brochure, “Generating Solutions in the Oil and Gas Industry,” Enerpac offers a complete line of hydraulic tools suitable for oil and gas applications. With

New products

Vol. 224 No. 10  Rotary tables and drives The LeTourneau Ellis Williams Company (LEWCO) added two rotary table models and a selection of rotary-table transmissions and independent drive to its product roster. The model L-375 rot

People in industry

Vol. 224 No. 11  Two investment bankers with oilfield experience, who opened an independent investment bank in April 2003, have expanded their partnership with the addition of partners Leonard H. Paton and Raymond L. Brown to form Parks P


Drilling advances

Gas supply/ demand; GOM Loop currents; IADC safety program

Editorial Comment

Cuisinart comparisons

International Politics

There are gifts a'plenty in the final US energy bill

What's new in production

SPE: the show, the presentations, the organization

What's new in exploration

Oilfield heresy; A new model for hydrocarbon migration and quality

News & Resources

Industry at a glance

Vol. 224 No. 11   Effective November 1, 2003, OPEC will cut crude oil production by 900,000 barrels per day. This will bring production down to 24.5 million b/d. OPEC argues that production cuts are justified by the risk

World of Oil

Vol. 224 No. 11  KURT S. ABRAHAM, MANAGING/INTERNATIONAL EDITOR   Click Here for Kurt's Opinion OPEC hedges on need for more output cuts


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A monthly magazine offering industry news, statistics and technical editorial to the oil and gas drilling, exploration and production industry.