November 2003

New products

Vol. 224 No. 10  Rotary tables and drives The LeTourneau Ellis Williams Company (LEWCO) added two rotary table models and a selection of rotary-table transmissions and independent drive to its product roster. The model L-375 rot

New Products
Vol. 224 No. 10 

 Rotary tables and drives 

Fig 1 The LeTourneau Ellis Williams Company (LEWCO) added two rotary table models and a selection of rotary-table transmissions and independent drive to its product roster. The model L-375 rotary table provides a 3712 inch opening and twice as much oil capacity (20 gallons) as its leading competitor. Its companion, the L-495 model, has a table opening of 4912 inches and an oil capacity of 47 gallons. For reduced downtime, internal access from the top of the rotary table eliminates inverting the unit for maintenance or repair. Features include forged-steel fabricated housing, heat-treated forged-steel turntable, and induction-hardened spiral bevel gears capable of withstanding torque inputs up to 50,000 lb-ft at 50 rpm. Maximum rotation speed is 350 rpm for the L-375 and 300 rpm for the L-495. The company can furnish a complete rotary-table package comprising table, transmission, and independent drive. The RT transmissions are designed for independent table drives powered by AC or DC motors. 

 Sand extraction

Fig 2 The SES Sand Extraction Spool from Wood Group Pressure Control is a simple device capable of extracting close to 100% of entrained solids associated with a typical sieve analysis. The solids simply drop out of the device. Flow entering the spool expands and decelerates within a large gallery, then continues to a smaller gallery for first-stage extraction. Final extraction occurs when the fluid passes through the holes in the flow cage filter. Entrained debris is caught in the catcher tube or other customer-preferred receptacle. In field trials on wells with significant amounts of debris, installation of the SES spool significantly improved overall production rates by extracting particles before the flow entered the chokes. 

 Retrievable packer 

 Fig 3Baker Oil Tools introduces the Hornet Medium Duty (MD) 6K retrievable packer for completing shallow wells, and for water flood and CO2 applications The Hornet MD 6K is built with the same chassis design as the Hornet 10K, but with ratings scaled down for less hostile environments. Rated for 6,000 psi, the Hornet MD addresses not only the physical environment, but the economics of the moderately pressured production applications, which call for low cost, reliability and versatility. Its lower end temperature rating of 45°F ensures that the packer fills any temperature requirements into the range of the Hornet 10K. Every component – including the jay track, the internal bypass, the packing element system, and the upper and lower slip assemblies – has been developed to provide the highest reliability for setting and releasing. It can be set on wireline or mechanically, can be landed in tension, compression or neutral. The ability to pack off with applied tension makes it ideal for shallower applications. Setting and releasing with a one-quarter turn is made easier with an enhanced upper slip system, tested across API minimum to maximum casing ID tolerances for each specified weight. 

 Open-source software

 d-Tect, a seismic attribute processing, filtering and pattern recognition software system from dGB Earth Sciences, is going open source. OpendTect source code and compiled versions can be used free of charge for R&D purposes. Commercial application of the software and derived products will be subject to a modest end-user maintenance fee. E&P companies, universities, software vendors and consultants can build commercial or free seismic interpretation application modules via an easy-to-use plug-in design. The first such plug-ins, dip-steering, neural-networks and SeisWorks/ GeoFrame-IESX data access, can be purchased from dGB to have the full functionality of what has been marketed as d-Tect. Apart from maintaining and extending the OpendTect environment, dGB will continue to develop and market additional plug-ins. 

 Petrophysical evaluation 

 Schlumberger Oilfield Services announced commercialization of the DecisionXpress petrophysical evaluation system, which provides an integrated, quality-controlled petrophysical interpretation minutes after completion of logging operations, allowing time-critical decisions. The system integrates data from the Platform Express and ECS Elemental Capture Spectroscopy services in a unique interpretation software program. The PC-based application provides rapid data visualization and reprocessing capabilities with minimal user inputs, and delivers a petrophysical evaluation in sand/shale reservoirs at the wellsite or in the office. Applications include planning of coring and sampling operations, decisions for casing, drilling ahead or sidetracking, and the design of completion strategies.

 Rotary torque sensor 

 Honeywell Sensotec offers the 0.96- in.-wide RTC In-Line Rotary Torque Transducer for standard SAE or DIN driveline flanges. Torque ranges are from 1,500 to 170,000 in.-lb. High torsional stiffness allows a high frequency response at rotational speeds up to 13,000 rpm. RF coupling of the sensor with a single-loop antenna from an on-board transmitter to a nonrotating receiver eliminates slip rings and bearings. A flexible antenna and a “received strength” indicator for peaking the antenna coupling simplify setup. Outputs are ±5 VDC (standard) or 4 – 20 mA (optional) over the calibrated torque range. The sensor is particularly suitable for dynamometers and monitoring torque on rotating machines including process control applications.

 Adjustable choke

 Baker Oil Tools expanded the capability of its InForce Intelligent Completion system with the introduction of the new downhole HCM-A hydraulically adjustable choke. Based on the field-proven HCM surface-controlled hydraulic sliding sleeve, the HCM-A is a multi-position choke designed for selective zonal control without well intervention. The choke manages pressure between zones while maintaining robustness and simplicity. Operators can draw down in each producing interval to prevent cross-flow, and balance production so that each zone contributes to the well’s total production. It also helps eliminate water from problem zones while maintaining production. Standard actuator is factory-configured to provide open and closed positions plus six choke settings of 3%, 6%, 9%, 12%, 15% and 20% of total tubing area. Custom settings can also be configured. 

 Visualization software

 Magic Earth, Inc., an affiliate of Landmark Graphics Corporation, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Halliburton, announced the release of GeoProbe 3.0, the latest version of its high-performance visualization and volume interpretation software. The release delivers enhanced interpretation capabilities along with options for remote execution and collaboration that include patent-pending technology. These new capabilities are designed to greatly reduce cycle time and increase accuracy in E&P workflows. For the first time, in addition to SGI/Irix and PC/Linux, GeoProbe is also offered for Sun/Solaris systems. 

 LPG sampling system 

 The Fast-Loop LPG sampling system from Jiskoot Autocontrol Ltd. extracts and stores multiple 1-cc grabs from a process pipeline to provide representative samples for lab analysis. The system is a self-contained electrohydraulic design, requiring only power and control signals. It was chosen for installation at Algeria’s Ohanet offshore production facility, which presented a variety of special application design requirements, including the system’s ability to be completely isolated from the main line for ease of maintenance. The sampling system uses a Jiskoot Cell Sampler pump to extract LPG from a bypass loop. Samples are stored in constant-pressure receivers precharged with nitrogen to maintain them at line pressure. Providing ISO 3171 compliance, the system also has a manual sample point taking full line pressure samples directly off the bypass loop through a monoflange.

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