November 2003
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arrow Well Control and Intervention


Boots and Coots tell the story of how it conducted sting & kill operations and other methods to put out oil well fires in Iraq. Many great photos and a very interesting story that will attract a lot of attention.

Underground blowouts, in the general sense, are an uncontrolled flow of formation fluids that remain underground. While surface blowouts get all the attention, monetarily, underground blowouts are far more costly, in the billions of dollars per year. Neal Adams of Neal Adams Firefighters gives a primer on the subject and discusses some of the economics of the phenomenon.

Cudd Pressure Control discusses how its new hydraulic drilling and workover (snubbing) Rack Jack System improves operational efficiency and safety. The system enhances operations and reduces costs by making the unit practical for side-track drilling and heavy workovers, cutting space requirements during transport and operation, reducing trip times and providing a safer work environment. Cudd has successfully completed six Rack Jack drilling and workover operations, including four re-entry directional sidetracks.

arrow Deepwater Drilling Technology

Challenges and Lessons learned in an ultra-deepwater well. Conoco Phillips describes well planning, control design, and drilling of a well in 6,650 ft of water in the Gulf of Mexico, from a dynamically positioned drillship. This article describes procedures that introduced valuable and timely technology for solving problems in this difficult operational environment.

arrow Exploration

Large-scale, full volume wave-equation migration. Staag Imaging and Anadarko describe a new seismic migration algorithm using Gulf of Mexico data. Most 3D seismic data have the xline-offset component relatively small compared to the inline. This justifies using common offset/common azimuth migration schemes. The speed of this migration technique facilitates the generation of full-volume iterations during model building in a relatively short time, ensuring fast, accurate and cost-effective results for regional exploration or detailed production studies.

arrow Petroleum Technology Digest

This popular feature is published in association with the Petroleum Technology Transfer Council. Lehman Brothers and Petris Technology present an article on using the Internet to divest an oil and gas asset. To take advantage of market conditions, or to realize cash flow quickly, one must efficiently transfer relevant data to qualified prospects. Lehman Brothers employed Petris Technology's Internet Data Room software to present divestment-related data online for a 500-well Gulf of Mexico/Louisiana divestiture.

arrow Tubing Tables

World Oil's popular reference guide for tubing up to 5-in OD and production-tubing couplings. The reference gives connection dimensions, steel grades, coupling type, sealing mechanism and minimum joint-tension strength. Connection manufacturer contact information is also provided.

arrow Made in Norway

As the name implies, this 24-page sponsored supplement features technology and products made in Norway. A separate magazine, it will be poly-bagged with the regular January issue.

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