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Special Focus

Inside the data-driven completions of the future

Talgat Shokanov, John Oliver, Adilkhan Shokanov, David Pena

The integration of smart tracers and intelligent diagnostics delivers affordable stage-level flow profiles to maximize production rates and EUR

Eliminating annular gas migration

Alex Crossland, Jeff Fulks

A versatile thermite-powered metal sealing technology, tailored for specific completion, intervention and abandonment applications, is changing wellbore design and construction methods, while benefiting operators’ bottom lines.


Cost-effective scavengers for H<sub>2</sub>S mitigation reduce problematic solids in production equipment

Dr. Jonathan Wylde, Dr. Grahame Taylor

Non-MEA triazine-based scavengers decrease the occurrence of amorphous polymeric dithiazine solids, providing a best value-driven chemical solution to mitigate H2S issues in the field.

World Oil Analysis: Texas RRC’s task force measures are underwhelming, say advisors

The Railroad Commission of Texas held yet another meeting on Tuesday, and the results, while predictable, are mostly ineffective, as a whole.

Optimizing future drilling operations by merging design with digitized structural data

Heidi Gryteland Holm, Harald Holden, Igancio Marre, Randi Naess

Incorporating actual measured response and operational parameters back into the design loop, when planning drilling campaigns in harsh environments, delivers financial, logistical and sustainable advantages.

The future of India’s oil and gas production

L. R. Chowdhary, Khaled H. Hashmy

Despite acceptance of a dramatic rise in India’s prognosticated resources between 1995 and 2017, there has not been a corresponding increase in discovered resources. Perhaps a more restrained, conservative approach is called for in the future.

Shaletech: Improving fracturing in clay-rich ductile shales

Jared Ciferno

Fractures in clay-rich shales tend to be short, with smaller surface areas that can negatively affect fluid flow. To improve understanding of fracture performance in these shales, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, with funding from the U.S. DOE’s National Energy Technology Laboratory, conducted two-phase research to investigate and understand how fracture characteristics affect production performance.

Solid-state drop gyro system reduces ellipse of uncertainty, eliminates rig time offshore

Barry Smart, Stephen Forrester

In the current market, priorities must be rethought, if the industry is to survive, and the importance of wellbore placement to overall profitability must be recognized. Running solid-state gyro technology for improved wellbore placement is one way to achieve financial and operational goals.

Multiphase flowmeters reduce CAPEX and OPEX, enhance flow assurance in unconventionals

Bertrand Theuveny, Katharine Moncada

Operators replacing traditional per-well metering separators with single, surface multiphase flowmeters in their unconventional wells see benefits beyond accurate production accounting. In addition to significant CAPEX and OPEX savings, this approach tackles flow assurance challenges typically encountered during production.

Economic impacts of the 2020 oil market crash

Brad Handler, Morgan Bazilian

The upstream oil and gas industry risks losing more than 200,000 jobs over the next six to 12 months—comparable to the 2015–2016 oil market downturn—and appears poised to shrink over the longer term, as well. This may challenge states and local communities that have significant upstream exposure and suggests they focus on making their economies more resilient.

Texas Alliance working with DOE to solve key energy issues

Craig Fleming

The Texas Alliance of Energy Producers held a virtual meeting on May 20 to provide its members, and invited guests, an update on problem issues that the association is working to solve.


Drilling advances

Jim Redden

Bigger trucks and stuff

Oil and gas in the capitals

Dr. Roger Bezdek

Washington, D.C. vs. COVID-19

Executive Viewpoint

Rob Hull

The North America treadmill—Will the belt break?

The last barrel

Craig Fleming

Houston—we have a problem

What's new in exploration

William (Bill) Head

Exploration sunset?

First Oil

Kurt Abraham

Foregoing leadership for the comfort of certainty

Water management

Mark Patton

Water management in the era of Covid-19


Industry at a glance

Craig Fleming