Issue: August 2015

Special Focus

Improving coiled-tubing serviceability in sour environments through metallurgical design

Results of testing, to evaluate different mechanisms that could damage the product in the presence of a sour environment, indicate a positive effect from full-body heat treatment.

Casing-wear factors: How do they improve well integrity?

A detailed, comprehensive approach, addressing all of the involved uncertainties, should help simulate a more actual scenario and improve the accuracies of wear estimation.

Operators take shelter from the oil price storm

Although this year’s major upstream downturn is inflicting considerable pain on producers and equipment/service companies, alike, it also is stimulating additional technical creativity and progress across all disciplines of the North American industry.

Canadian E&P striving for economic recovery

In response to the prolonged oil slump, operators have slashed spending, postponed large-scale projects and laid off staff. Canada’s industry associations have downgraded their 2015 forecasts, as well.

Mexico places hopes in reform to boost oil and gas production

Less than a year after the enactment of Mexico’s new energy reform law, which was promulgated in June 2014, the Director General of national oil company Pemex, Emilio Lozaya, announced significant new oil and gas discoveries in the country.

Designing steam-injection flow-control devices for SAGD oil recovery

SAGD oil recovery requires the most efficient use of the generated steam. Researchers set out to build a steam-injection flow-control device capable of operating reliably throughout the life of a well.

Offshore Europe 2015: Inspiring the next generation

Although the upstream industry is mired in tough market conditions, its future depends on drawing and retaining the proper people, as well as developing more advanced technologies, both of which can be a challenge.

Regional report: UK-Norway

The drop in oil price has had a significant negative impact in a region with already many challenges. The UK has been hit hardest, with Norway suffering less; but, still forced to delay projects.

ShaleTech: Eagle Ford/Pearsall

Fewer rigs, less production

Subsea decommissioning growing in consequence

Now, more than ever before, operators must identify best practices for subsea decommissioning of wells and infrastructure, to reduce cost and minimize the risk of pollution.

First oil

Wall Street giveth, taketh away

Energy issues

Let us not drown our sorrows

What's new in exploration

The latest in exploration is older than dirt

Drilling advances

Old-school can’t be ignored

What's new in production

Automation’s imperative

Offshore in depth

ROVs play increasing role in offshore development

Oil and gas in the capitals

In Latin America, PDVSA adjusts to price uncertainty

Executive viewpoint

Retention of key personnel is a major challenge

Innovative thinkers

F. Tim Pease: From dry land to the high seas

The last barrel

Unconventional operators use technology as antidote to industry downturn
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