May 2005 ///

Special Focus

BP installs first dual ESP system at Wytch Farm

Environmentally sensitive location gets downhole backup pump to reduce workover requirement.

First all-electric intelligent completion system evolves for deep water

Improvements have been made to the first all-electric, intelligent completion in deep water, which culminated five years of R&D.

Intelligent well completion technology gaining rapid acceptance

A quick look at the basics explains who the suppliers and buyers are, and why this technology is advancing quickly.

What is the purpose behind technology?

Is Non Productive Time really the right metric?


Completing water injectors in deep water with sand control is inexact science

From a study of 29 West-of-Shetland injection wells, BP derived simple criteria for making a choice of viable completion solutions in deep water, although the process remains imperfect.

Emergence of the Lower Tertiary Wilcox trend in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico

Two key wildcats in 2001 and 2002, plus other discoveries, define the 12 billion bbl Wilcox resource in the Gulf of Mexico, at depths up to 10,000 ft.

GO-EXPO and CIPC highlight solutions to upstream challenges

Cutting-edge technology awaits visitors to GO-EXPO 2005 and the 56th annual Canadian International Petroleum Conference in Calgary, June 7-9.

Mitigating a long-term shortfall of world oil production

The timing of a long-term or irreversible shortfall in supply is a contentious subject, but the effects are not. Mitigating these effects is crucial to an adequate supply strategy.

Petroleum Technology Digest: MPD well taps light oil in deep Monterey Shale

A 10,000-ft horizontal well, drilled in 2004 with DOE support, using MPD, demonstrated the practicality of developing the Monterey shale with horizontal boreholes.

What's new in artificial lift - Part 2

Fourteen new downhole/surface system developments from 10 companies for electrical submersible pumping and other artificial lift operations.


Drilling advances

How to tick off a toolpusher

Editorial Comment

Political critical mass

International Politics

Many rumors and few initiatives sweep the Capitol

What's new in production

Oil price selection critical to reserve estimation; First US LNG terminal in 20 years

What's new in exploration

Super eruptions; timing earthquakes

News & Resources

Companies in the news

Vol. 226 No. 5  Zy-Tech Global Industries has acquired a majority stake in South Africa’s Valvestock (Pty) Ltd, a valve distributor based in Vereeniging, Gauteng.

Industry at a glance

Vol. 226 No. 5   Disputes between China and Japan continue over the two countries’ Exclusive Economic Zones in the E

New products

Vol. 226 No. 5  Water injection corrosion protection DuoLine Technologies provides two new products, DuoLine 10-PVC and 10-PE, both part of the DuoLine proces

People in industry

Vol. 226 No. 5  Norman Robertson has joined Schilling Robotics, LLC, as director of remote systems application. Based in Houston, he will focus on expanding Schilling&#14

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A monthly magazine offering industry news, statistics and technical editorial to the oil and gas drilling, exploration and production industry.