May 2005
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arrow North Sea Regional Update


Authors from Deloitte Oil and Gas Consults discuss the most recent North Sea drilling and development activity, as well as governmental policy changes that affect the upstream oil and gas industry.

An interview with the new UK Energy Minister, Malcolm Wicks MP. The Minister offers his vision and plans to bolster his country's North Sea developments.

arrow Drilling Outlook


World Oil's annual mid-year forecast takes an updated look at drilling activity in North America. Included in the forecast are special reports on activity in the US, Canada and Mexico. Forecasts are based on World Oil's exclusive governmental and operator surveys. Unusually high oil and gas prices have provided operators, particularly independents, with unexpected cash windfalls that they are plowing back into drilling and production enhancement.


A report from ODS Petrodata examines the North American offshore drilling market, with emphasis on trends in such markets as deepwater drilling in Mexico. State firm Pemex is expanding its portfolio of prospects, with hopes to boost crude output despite eminent peaking of the giant Cantarell field.

In conjunction with RigData, World Oil provides a report on land rig usage for the US and Canada. US operators, during first-half 2005, have expanded drilling in the Rocky Mountains, as they search for additional supplies of natural gas. Land rigs are counted at a finer, more detailed level than with the BHI rig count, the industry standard. Utilization and day-rate forecasts are included.

arrow Coalbed Methane Report

Based on our surveys of US and Canadian coalbed methane well drilling activity, including permits and operator forecasts, this report provides the data needed to make informed judgments about the next 6 to 12 months.

arrow Unconventional Resources

A technical article from Luca Technologies discusses efforts to enhance and even create new production from coalbeds based on gas-producing microorganisms. What has been newly learned about these microorganisms, and progress made toward what could be a new, somewhat renewable resource are discussed.

Shale oil: Just when you thought it was dead, it's back. There's renewed interest in oil shale development ideas. The report details the recent efforts in Australia, Estonia and the US.

arrow Sand Control


A simple alternative to expensive hydrocyclone separators. A Wood Group Pressure Control/BP America Production Co. collaborative initiative resulted in the development of a sand extractor, installed just past the wing valve, which allows increased gas flow by improving sand removal at the surface. The system has since been successfully deployed on several wells in Egypt and most recently on a field project in Romania for Amromco, as described in the article. Authors from Amromco and Wood Group Pressure Control describe the simple, reliable device.

When should sand control be used? With a heavy portion of R&D being performed by service companies, there's a tendency to spend money on sand control that may not be truly necessary. Worse, choosing the wrong methods and procedures can do more harm than good. Here's what operators should know. Article by International Completion Consultants, Inc.

arrow Petroleum Technology Digest

Our popular, recurring feature results from World Oil's association with the Petroleum Technology Transfer Council. This month's case study discusses how to optimize production from the operator's view.

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