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Special Focus

Permian basin leads the pack

Travis Harris, Packers Plus Energy Services

Innovative completion technology helps reduce break-even prices to keep operators afloat in the Permian basin

Perforating system improves stimulation results in unconventional completions

Adam Dyess, Hunting, Titan Division

Efficiently completing horizontal wells in tight formations is key to a project’s economic success. In the Permian basin, laterals are typically stimulated in zoned stages, using plug-n-perf techniques and hydraulic fracturing. When planning a perforation design, it is important to optimize several key factors to ensure results match expectations.

New frac-pack additive is step change in sulfide scale control for Permian long horizontals

Dr. Cyril Okocha, Clariant Oil Services

A new sulfide scale control, frac-pack additive solved a Permian basin operator’s severe production impairment during start-up, and initial frac-fluid return, in 50-stage, hydraulically stimulated, 15,000-ft horizontal Spraberry formation wells.


Permian oil production requires additional pipeline infrastructure

Staff, Energy Web Atlas; Staff, World Oil

Further expansion of oil output in the Permian basin is dependent on a number of pipelines being built or expanded. Here is a rundown of the status of various pipeline projects in the region.

Enhanced understanding improves "child well" performance

Garret Lindsay, Grant Miller, Tao Xu, Dan Shan, Jason Baihly, Schlumberger

In U.S. shale fields, operators are attempting to improve infill well performance. In the Eagle Ford, child wells now account for about 75% of new completions. Infill drilling is ramping up in the Permian, which hosts half of all U.S. drilling.

Copper alloy coupling reduces rod failures, boosts well efficiency

Carolyn Curran, William D. Nielsen, Diane M. Nielsen, Richard Cash, Materion Corporation

An advanced sucker rod coupling is optimizing virtually every aspect of rod lift efficiency, and increasing productivity in unconventional plays.

Fourth-generation drill pipe connection enhances land drilling, reduces pipe maintenance

Guillaume Plessis, Andrei Muradov, Dan Morgan, Stephen Forrester, National Oilwell Varco; Jeremy Dugas, Brennan White, Quail Tools

A two-year R&D drilling program addresses a new onshore paradigm, enhances performance and improves economics.

Precise prediction of hydrocarbon burn efficiency is now possible

Andy Cuthbert, Boots & Coots—A Halliburton Service

From the early days of dynamite to advanced well control systems, significant advances have been made in fire suppression and blow out prevention in the oil and gas industry.

Maintaining asset integrity during hurricane season

David Renzi, Stress Engineering Services

Use of simulation twins can protect floating assets during hurricane season.

Intending to be a global supplier, the region endures output disruptions

Emily Querubin, World Oil

Despite ongoing conflict throughout West Africa, the region’s energy sector continues to make progress toward becoming a leading global oil and gas supplier.

Operators and service firms collaborate through ground-breaking subsea technology

Drummond Lawson, Subsea Technologies Ltd.

Collaboration is the driving force of the global oil and gas industry, as it faces mounting pressure to increase efficiencies, maximize production and streamline processes, both offshore and onshore.


First oil

Kurt Abraham, World Oil

Consent given to fracing first onshore, horizontal well in the UK

Energy issues

William J. Pike, World Oil

A mixed bag

What’s new in exploration

William (Bill) Head, Contributing Editor

A.I. is just that, artificial— don’t make it a deity

Drilling advances

Jim Redden, Contributing Editor

Sensing doubts

What’s new in production

Don Francis, Contributing Editor

Into the weeds

Executive viewpoint

Barry Zhang, Quantico

Executive viewpoint

Innovative thinkers

Emily Querubin, World Oil

Philippe Herve: Guiding the point of sail for AI in oil and gas

The last barrel

Craig Fleming, World Oil

Entrepreneurial spirit

News & Resources

World of oil and gas

Emily Querubin, World Oil

After successfully drilling the Arsaga 25-2 exploration well, Petro River Oil Corp. announced the discovery of its largest oil field to date.

Industry at a glance

Craig Fleming, World Oil

Crude benchmarks posted four straight weekly declines in July, despite an unexpected halt of Saudi shipments after an attack on two of its oil tankers in the Red Sea.

People in the industry

Emily Querubin, World Oil

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation has named Mitch Ingram, formerly executive V.P., international and deepwater operations and project management, to the post of executive V.P., international, deepwater and exploration.

Companies in the news

Michele Cowart, World Oil

Danos has been awarded a contract by Shell Exploration and Production Company to provide coatings for Shell’s deepwater Appomattox platform in the Gulf of Mexico.

New products and services

Michele Cowart, World Oil

Plenty-brand screw and vane pumps from SPX Flow are engineered to pump heavy viscous fluids, and are ideal for forced lubrication of rotating machinery and fuel transfer processes.