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Special Focus

Rotating solid expandable liner solves issues in high-angle directional wells

Roy Baker

The use of solid expandable liners is increasing; however, the perception remains that they are viable in limited applications. Yet, changes to the expandable connection and expansion assembly have enabled a liner to be rotated, to reduce the risk of stuck pipe when running tubulars in a directional wellbore.

Diligent hardband management protects drillstrings, reduces repair costs

Josh Brown

Attention to detail, emphasizing accountability and adherence to application specifications, increases quality and performance of hardbands while mitigating risk of failure.


One for the record books

Kurt Abraham, Craig Fleming

As the shock of upstream downsizing abates, in reaction to an historically low drilling year, producers and service companies focus on improving efficiencies to lower break-even costs and regain profitability.

Canada’s E&P industry faces uphill struggle

Robert Curran

Rocked by the worst oil-price collapse in recent memory, Canadian operators are struggling to adapt to the new normal. The industry faces continued market access challenges, with much-needed pipelines bogged down by opposition.

Forged completion landing string addresses industry challenges

Mathieu Massines, Romain Branly, Alexandre Catry

A new forged completion landing string gives operators and drilling contractors the flexibility to use the same tubular string for both drilling and completion operations, without compromising performance or safety.

Treating water in heavy oil emulsions with microemulsion fluids

Lirio Quintero, Dr. Qusai Darugar

In-situ formation of water-in-crude oil emulsions is a severe problem, resulting in loss of production, high-pressure drop in flowlines and increased operational costs.

Wyoming court decision could have wide-ranging future impacts

David Blackmon

In addition to telling the BLM that it does not have legal authority for its fracing rule, a June decision by a U.S. District Court judge also might put EPA rulemaking and other federal regulatory mischief in jeopardy.

ShaleTech: Eagle Ford/Pearsall shale

Jim Redden

Only the core survives mounting ROR pressure

Regional Report: West Africa

Emily Querubin

Despite low commodity prices and regional turmoil, West Africa continues to blossom as one of the world’s most prolific oil and gas markets

Coring tool retrieves 71 sidewall core samples in one run

Aleksandar Milankovic, Ricardo Senne, Pablo E. Coronado

A high recovery rate and world record helped Petrobras achieve objectives, while saving 24 hr of deepwater drillship time, as well as operational costs.


First oil

Kurt Abraham

Eagle Ford shale is metaphor for the industry

Energy issues

William J. Pike

Relationships between induced seismicity and fluid injection

What's new in exploration

William (Bill) Head

Is regulation the number-one issue with exploration and production?

Drilling advances

Jim Redden

Paved with best intentions

What's new in production

Don Francis

The Internet of (oilfield) things

Offshore in depth

Ron Bitto

Do super-majors always win?

Oil and gas in the capitals

Mauro Nogarin

Maintaining economic stability in Latin America amid the oil price slump

Executive viewpoint

John C. Tobin

Well, good luck with that

The last barrel

Roger Jordan

Sowing the seeds of the next expansion

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World of oil and gas

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