June 2015 ///

Special Focus

Beating the decline through refracturing

Sudhendu “Kash” Kashikar, Terry Jbeili, MicroSeismic, Inc.

Shale well refracturing activity will increase steadily, as companies optimize the process.

Do data mining methods work? A Wolfcamp shale case study

Ming Zhong, Randy LaFollette, Baker Hughes, a GE Company; Jared Schuetter, Srikanta Mishra, Battelle Memorial Institute

Several univariate and multivariate statistical and machine learning methods were used to predict the production quality of Permian basin, Wolfcamp shale wells. Consistent with other data mining studies, univariate linear methods are shown to be much less robust than multivariate non-linear methods, which tend to produce more reliable results.


What's new in artificial lift?

Joe D. Woods, International Pinpoint; James F. Lea, PL Tech LLC; Herald W. Winkler, Texas Tech University

Part 2: In this second of two monthly reports, the authors highlight innovations in ESPs, plunger lift and gas lift systems.

New approaches to inline fluid density and viscosity measurements

Joe Goodbread, Sunil Kumar, Bill Befeld, Rheonics, Inc.

Despite the importance of density and viscosity, they are notoriously difficult to measure under the extreme conditions found in the oil and gas industry. Resonant fluid property sensors are pushing back the limits of measurements thought to be possible only with laboratory-grade instruments.

Regional report: Russia

Eugene Khartukov, Contributing editor, Moscow

Russian oil and gas lose world supremacy, despite increasing production 0.7%.

ShaleTech: Bakken/Three Forks

Pramod Kulkarni, World Oil

Resilient play takes a licking, but keeps on pumping crude

Retention efforts remain critical

Jill Tennant, Contributing Editor

Despite the current upstream market downturn, companies cannot sacrifice long-term success for short-term gains, particularly as it relates to human capital. Companies can maximize retention by addressing individual employees’ financial and non-financial needs.


First oil

Pramod Kulkarni, World Oil

New wonders of the world

Energy issues

William J. Pike, World Oil

Geopolymer alternatives to cement

What's new in exploration

William (Bill) Head, Contributing Editor

Nano is not a dirty word

Drilling advances

Jim Redden, Contributing Editor

The ultimate in beneficial re-use

What's new in production

Henry Terrell, Contributing Editor

Lessons from the scorpion’s tail

Offshore in depth

Ron Bitto, Contributing Editor

IOCs continue investing in deepwater projects despite low prices

Oil and gas in the capitals

Dr. Roger Bezdek, Contributing Editor

“Disinvestment” nonsense

Executive viewpoint

Robert Erlich, Panatlantic Exploration Company

Private equity’s role in today’s E&P business

Innovative thinkers

Pramod Kulkarni, World Oil

Mario Ruscev: Innovation through empirical research

The last barrel

Kurt Abraham, World Oil

UK, Alberta elections generate very different results

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World of oil and gas

Roger Jordan, World Oil

World of oil and gas

Industry at a glance

Henry Terrell, Contributing Editor

Industry at a glance

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Kurt Abraham, World Oil

People in the industry

New products and services

Pramod Kulkarni, World Oil

New products and services

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