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Special Focus

The growth of coiled tubing, and the benefits of thinking small again

Adrian Terry, Rick Stanley, Baker Hughes, a GE Company

Drilling deeper, highly deviated and horizontal wells has led to larger, more complex, completions.

Virtual instructor takes well control training to the crew

Daniel Gilkey, Check-6; David Gouldin, Seadrill

As the offshore drilling industry continues to move into more challenging environments, well control is becoming increasingly critical.


Advanced analysis improves emergency responses to subsea hydrocarbon releases

Alistair Gill, Uday Godse, Elham Maghsoudi, Gaurav Bellamkonda, Wild Well Control

Often a regulatory requirement, contingency plans for an accidental subsea release or blowout require advanced engineering analysis to understand the potential magnitude and consequences, and the use of a containment system.

Risk-based process could optimize BOP maintenance

Rui Quadrado, Kjersti Eggum, Joar Haaland, Gjermund Våge, DNV GL

A joint industry project (JIP) aims to develop a risk-based maintenance approach for BOPs that will retain regulatory goals and standards, yet optimize the process to reduce cost, while increasing availability and uptime.

Inhibitor package simplifies production chemistry in wet gas applications

Pete Webber, Noah Morales, Nalco Champion

PART 2—Both Kinetic hydrate inhibitors (KHIs) and compatible corrosion inhibitors (CIs) are water-soluble and contain surface-active components.

Development and field application of highly conductive, proppant-free channel fracturing

Ubong Inyang, Philip Nguyen, Janette Cortez-Montalvo, Halliburton

Injection pressures of proppant-laden slurry and proppant-free spacer, using a pulsing approach, were found to be significantly lower than those applied with conventional hydraulic fracturing treatments.

Mapping-while-drilling technology doubles net pay in complex North Sea reservoir

Uche Ezioba, Soazig Leveque, Christophe Dupuis, Graham Raeper, Schlumberger

Thin injectite sand reservoirs in the North Sea have highly erratic boundaries with adjacent formations.

Optimizing completion design in anisotropic shale reservoirs using a new generation of LWD azimuthal technologies

Claudia M. Amorocho, Cory Langford, Camilo Mejia, Weatherford

Generating the best frac design, while avoiding costly completion programs and reducing uncertainties on fracture placement, can be achieved using spectral gamma ray and azimuthal sonic LWD technologies.

Regional report: Australia/Southeast Asia

Ron Bitto, Contributing Editor

LNG takes center stage in Australia and Southeast Asia

ShaleTech: Woodford/Granite Wash

Jim Redden, Contributing Editor

Crude oil price turbulence could dim glow of Continental’s Springer shale discovery

4D seismic processing pilot monitors reservoir offshore Qatar

Benoit Blanco, Patrick Charron, Emmanuelle Brechet, Bruno Pagliccia, Adeoye Adeyemi, Total E&P; Michael Emang, Qatar Petroleum; Michel Radigon, CGG

Known as a robust reservoir monitoring tool in clastic deposits, 4D seismic often results in only a slight signal when used in carbonate reservoirs. 


First oil

Pramod Kulkarni, World Oil

Damn the oil prices, full speed ahead

Energy issues

William J. Pike, World Oil

Finally: true assessment of Eagle Ford water use

What's new in exploration

William (Bill) Head, Contributing Editor

My New Year analysis

Drilling advances

Jim Redden, Contributing Editor

On thorns, birds, bats et al

What's new in production

Henry Terrell, Contributing Editor

Oil in water—good to the last microdrop

Offshore in depth

Ron Bitto, Contributing Editor

Fifteen offshore topics for 2015

Oil and gas in the capitals

Dr. Anas Alhajji, Contributing Editor

When a “NO” shakes the world

Executive viewpoint

Pradeep Anand, Seeta Resources

Don’t turn off the lights; the party ain’t over!

Innovative thinkers

Steven McGinn, World Oil

Merrill A. (Pete) Miller: Creating the Wal-Mart of the oil field

The last barrel

Kurt Abraham, World Oil

Numbers help to explain Saudi mindset on global production

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World of oil and gas

Roger Jordan, World Oil

World of oil and gas

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Steven McGinn, World Oil

People in the industry

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Steven McGinn, World Oil

New products and services

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Steven McGinn, World Oil

Companies in the news

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Henry Terrell, Contributing Editor

Meeting and events

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Henry Terrell, Contributing Editor

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