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Special Focus

Examining trajectory effects can improve horizontal well performance

As applied to potential development of an Alaskan field, vertical permeability problems can be solved by using an analytical model to design a horizontal well with undulations.

Extending the reach of ERD: How far can we go?

Several technologies now exist that, when combined, will allow extended reach drilling to achieve astonishing lengths. However, the cost of these technologies—the business case—will be unique for each situation.

Onshore ERD wells prove RSS effectiveness for Alaska

A North Slope ERD record of 13,379 ft was set at Alpine field by optimizing point-the-bit RSS with a “matched," extended-gauge drillbit.

Slotted liner design for SAGD wells

For steam-assisted gravity drainage wells, staggered slot and gang slot patterns show better performance in FEA models than overlapping slot patterns.

Solving centralizer damage in ER horizontal multilaterals

Extensive modeling and yard testing were used to solve the problem of damage sustained after centralizers exited casing windows at West Sak field.


A new depositional model for the deepwater Wilcox-equivalent Whopper Sand—Changing the paradigm

Perhaps the Gulf of Mexico became isolated during the Lower Tertiary, which would explain a series of events that led to deposition of thick, extensive, mostly sandy reservoirs more than 200 mi from shore. These reservoirs are now being explored.

New web resource offers guidance on produced water

A US Department of Energy-sponsored website attempts to help operators manage an increasingly costly waste stream.

Optimizing multi-stage separators' pressure set points maximizes oil recovery

In a simulation, the proposed, simple procedure increased oil production and API gravity at no added cost.

Understanding the chemistry of clear brine fluids is vital for best performance

Achieving cost-effective performance begins with matching well conditions with brine properties.

Virtual sources can yield real results

A virtual source can be any seismic sensor that, through some simple mathematics, is then moved around in new ways to get interesting results.

Special Report

Dual and intelligent completions optimize Algerian producing gas wells

At Hassi R'Mel field, dual completions could significantly improve output from multi-zone gas wells, but results from intelligent completions look even better.

Intelligent multilateral MRC wells drilled and completed in Haradh Inc-3

Intelligently completed MRC wells have improved Aramco's development economics.

Libya sees a re-birth of activity

An infusion of Western money is spurring greater exploration and development.

Middle Eastern countries ride a tide of prosperity

Higher oil prices have contributed to greater economic growth, and inflation is also on the rise. Productive capacity is growing, but slowly.

North Africa sees major growth

Production and activity are up in the major countries, with no end in sight.

Saudi Arabia pushes forward

In addition to expanding oil and gas output, new discoveries have been made.

Shell and PDO hone skills in UBD reservoir characterization

PDO combined technologies to unlock the potential of Oman's mature fields.

World Oil's Fluids Guide 2007

This exclusive annual listing shows trade names, generic descriptions, recommended usage and suppliers of more than 3,300 fluid system additives for drilling, completions and workovers.


Drilling advances

Cold water survival is no minor issue for E&P crews

Editorial comment

High-power cars “cache" in

Oil and gas in the capitals

The Arab Gas Pipeline Project is a cooperative success

What's new in exploration

An impending US gas supply crisis will boost prices

What's new in production

New software can help identify bypassed reserves

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World oil supply in April grew to 85.5 million bpd, while 2007 global demand was revised down slightly to 85.7 million bopd.

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Vol. 228 No. 6   Meeting & events JUNE GO-EXPO , Gas & Oil Exposition, Biennial Calgary Oil & Gas Show,

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