June 2002 ///

Special Focus

Casing Drilling successfully applied in southern Wyoming

New techniques were applied in 15 wells in BP's Wamsutter area. The process was comparable to the best conventionally drilled wells

How operators are benefiting from Level 3 multilaterals in Alaska

Level 3 multilateral completion technology is lowering costs and raising production rates. BP, Phillips and XTO have implemented successful development strategies based on the technology

New synthetic fluid system provides stable cold-temp rheologies

A new, clay-free synthetic fluid with low viscosity at low tempererature that surpasses EPA standards. Its first field test was in the Gulf of Mexico


Mexico's changing policies offer opportunities in natural gas

Officials want to expand natural gas output to meet growing demand, but they must offer a reasonable model service contract to open the sector

Special Report

About the Petroleum Technology Digest

Case studies for Independent Producers

Holistic producing-well improvement reduces failures/ servicing costs

Schlumberger IPM used the Producing Well Improvement Process (PWIP) in a Permian basin project with 900 active producers near Pennwell, Texas.

Large-volume, gel-polymer treatments successful in Kansas's Arbuckle

Since 1997, TIORCO, Inc. has treated 21 Arbuckle wells in three Kansas fields - Bemis-Schutts (17 wells), North Hampton (3 wells) and Blue Hills (1 well) using its large-volume, proprietary MARCIT gel-polymer treatments.

Petroleum Technology Digest

Special feature comprising three case studies on recent, successfully applied production technologies prepared by World Oil and PTTC. These include well treatment, rod-pump controllers and holistic production systems

Rod-pump controllers profitable in East Texas operations

Stetson Petroleum Corp. purchased and installed rod-pump controllers, replacing time clocks, in 15 wells in its East Linden (Cotton Valley) field in East Texas.

World Oil's Fluids 2002: Classification of fluid systems

Exclusive annual listing shows trade names, generic descriptions, recommended usage and suppliers of nearly 2,400 fluid system additives for drilling/ completion/ workovers


New equipment

June 2002 Vol. 223 No. 6  New Equipment  Portable gas detector The iTX multi-gas mon

New literature

June 2002 Vol. 223 No. 6  New Literature  Heat exchangers/separator services A four-page


Drilling developments

Texas Tech University's new test well; Innovative six-cylinder mud pumps

Editorial Comment

Fuel ethanol bill progresses despite its drawbacks and international skullduggery


ICEED event produces revealing statistics; Derivatives primer makes sense

International Politics

Russia's Putin remains firmly in control, demands energy performance

Offshore update

News and developments from the recent Offshore Technology Conference

What's new in exploration

All about EarthScope, one of the most ambitious geoscience projects ever conceived

What's new in production

New U.S. law effects automation and control systems; Sonic scale removal

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Companies in the news

June 2002 Vol. 223 No. 6  Company News  Kerr McGee and Ocean Energy have exchanged 33% of their interests in 20 Atwate

Industry at a glance

June 2002 Vol. 223 No. 6  Industry Stats     Internationa

Looking ahead

June 2002 Vol. 223 No. 6  Looking Ahead  Demand to resume growth in second quarter. The International Energy Agenc

Oil country hot line

June 2002 Vol. 223 No. 6  Hot Line  OPEC mum but expected to maintain output OPEC President

People in industry

June 2002 Vol. 223 No. 6  People  John Augustine joined Houston-based Paragon Engineering Inc. as senior VP. He will b