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Innovative thinkers

Steven McGinn

John Quirein, PhD: From outer space to deep rock

Optimizing completion design in anisotropic shale reservoirs using a new generation of LWD azimuthal technologies

Claudia M. Amorocho, Cory Langford, Camilo Mejia

Generating the best frac design, while avoiding costly completion programs and reducing uncertainties on fracture placement, can be achieved using spectral gamma ray and azimuthal sonic LWD technologies.

Enter the era of intelligent well integrity

William J. Pike

Efforts to build the intelligent oil field have been underway for more than a decade. Advances have been made on a number of fronts, driven by real needs, perceived future needs and notable failures. No driver has been more visible than the Macondo incident.

Role of class in deepwater regulatory compliance evolves with industry needs

Bret Montaruli, Luiz Feijo

As activity accelerates, regulatory compliance in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico touches more and more of the supply chain. Increased emphasis is being placed on the certification of new technologies not deployed previously in the region.

North American outlook: Prosperity in the U.S. market continues

Kurt Abraham, Robert Curran, Mauro Nogarin

Despite a variety of interfering factors, U.S. activity remains at a high level, aided by the industry’s technical and efficiency gains. Canada continues to slowly rebound on the strength of oil activity, while Mexico remains at a lower level.     

Automated MPD in SAGD well successfully navigates narrow-pressure window

Vincent Boucher, Nadine Osayande, Elvin Mammadov, Sheldon Sephton

After thorough up-front planning, Suncor and Weatherford conducted a successful MPD operation in a SAGD well. A total of 2,350 ft was safely drilled for the re-entry production section.

Regional report: West Africa

Laura White, Arran Waterman

Identification of potential pre-salt basins and improved deepwater technologies leads to targeted licensing rounds, as several countries strive to participate and boost activity in these frontier plays.

ShaleTech Eagle Ford Pearsall: Deals abound, as production in play approaches 1 MMbpd

Jim Redden

The South Texas fairway of the Eagle Ford/Pearsall shale has taken on the feel of a more than 400-mi-long trade mart this year, as new players shell out top dollar to gain a share of what are among the highest recovery rates in the unconventional sector, and a play with plenty of room to grow.

Technology fuels BHP’s Eagle Ford improvements

Jim Redden

One of the most efficient drillers in the Eagle Ford has turned its attention lately toward capitalizing on its diverse technical toolkit, to both increase and sustain production rates.  

Expandable liner hanger and packer exceed expectations for first deepwater well in Red Sea

Yemi Adewuya, Shrikant Tiwari, Abdullah Abdelwahed, Maurilio Solono

A newly developed, 11¾-in., expandable liner hanger packer (ELHP) system made it possible to overcome the challenges of drilling Saudi Aramco’s first deepwater well, a rank wildcat in the Red Sea. 

International Rotary Drilling Rigs

International Rotary Drilling Rigs Graph

International Rotary Rig Count

International Rotary Rig Count

Rotary Rigs Running in US

Rotary Rigs Running in US

U.S. Rotary Drilling Rigs Graph

U.S. Rotary Drilling Rigs Graph

World of oil and gas

Melanie Cruthirds

World of oil and gas

New products and services

Melanie Cruthirds

New products and services

Regional Report: Gulf of Mexico

Pramod Kulkarni

Leasing, exploration and drilling activity in the world’s leading offshore basin has surpassed pre-Macondo levels.

New drilling technology increases speed, accuracy of reservoir assessments

Matt Bjorum

A proper, timely assessment of a reservoir can make a substantial difference in a field development’s economic life.

Technology improvements slash drilling times in Horn River basin

Hammad Zafar, Yiming Ji, Hassan Sattar

A drilling team applies new technologies, such as a walking rig, rotary steerable system and performance benchmarking, to achieve a three-fold reduction in drilling times.

Distributed automation streamlines operations on multi-well pads

John Eckley, Holly Wood, Roger Petton, Ricky Strong, Eric Cytrynowicz, Al Majek

Reduced drilling costs, combined with a smaller environmental footprint, have driven the burgeoning growth of multi-well pads.   

Integrated 3D geomechanics and reservoir simulation optimize performance, avoid fault reactivation

Antonio Luiz Serra de Souza, Jorge André Braz de Souza, Gustavo Bechara Meurer, Vanessa Palma Naveira, Ricardo Alexandre Passos Chaves, Marcelo Frydman, Jorge Pastor

Fault reactivation is a significant deepwater hazard offshore Brazil.