Baker Hughes launches “first-of-its-kind” acoustic-set liner hanger system for oil, gas industry

World Oil Staff September 11, 2023

(WO) – Baker Hughes has officially launched Sonus™, the industry's first acoustic-set liner hanger system. This solution —the first of its kind in the oil and gas industry -- redefines the well construction process by offering operators unmatched efficiency, reliability, and flexibility.

Liner hangers play a vital role in anchoring and suspending a liner within the previous casing string. They facilitate the cementing process, enabling well control during drilling or transitioning to the completion phase.

Traditionally, liner hangers are hydraulically set using a ball and seat mechanism, which poses challenges and uncertainties in today’s challenging downhole conditions. The Sonus acoustic-set liner hanger system introduces a groundbreaking approach, leveraging advanced acoustically encoded digital signals transmitted from the surface down the drill string.

By utilizing Baker Hughes' cutting-edge XACT™ downhole acoustic telemetry platform, Sonus allows operators to selectively set and release from the liner hanger with unparalleled precision and control.

“The Sonus acoustic set liner hanger system marks a significant leap forward in liner hanger technology,” said Yaqdhan Al Nabhani, Vice President of Completions and Well Intervention at Baker Hughes. “As the industry’s first acoustic-set solution, it showcases our commitment to innovation and delivering cutting-edge solutions.”

Unlike traditional hydraulic methods, XACT's applied acoustics technology enables real-time data transmission from previously inaccessible environments, regardless of fluid, flow, formation, or depth. With an acoustically actuated liner hanger and running tool, operators gain the flexibility to set and release at their discretion, independent of hydraulic events such as fluid loss or well control issues. The acoustic-set method eliminates the reliability concerns associated with pressure differentials created by a ball and seat mechanism.

By adopting Sonus, operators unlock significant benefits that enhance their operations and optimize well construction:

Drastic reduction in time: Sonus cuts the time required to set and release from a liner hanger from hours to minutes. Recent deployments have achieved time savings of up to 6 hours, reducing the process to just 10 minutes.

Real-time efficiency: Sonus sends an immediate signal back to the surface once it is set, eliminating guesswork and allowing operators to proceed confidently with the cementing job or other subsequent operations. Downhole real-time data empowers operators to optimize all aspects of the liner running and cementing process.

Pioneering remote operations: Sonus sets the stage for remote operations and automation in liner running and completions. Operators can leverage the system's capabilities to achieve optimal outcomes without compromises.


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