Issue: December 2023

SPECIAL FOCUS- Well control and intervention

The complexity of capping an oil and gas well fire

Controlling and resolving oil and gas well control incidents requires an expert team and specialized equipment. The author provides insight into this complex and challenging part of the oil and gas business and the path to safely remediating an unplanned event.

Hydraulic latching tool quickly connects pressure control string to the wellhead

To increase efficiency and reach HSE goals, a manufacturer streamlined the connection of the pressure control tool string to the wellhead, using a hydraulically controlled latching system. This innovation eliminates the need for human intervention during connection, thereby minimizing risk of injury, while increasing operational efficiency and reducing rig-up/rig-down costs.

Enhancing preparedness: The critical role of well control system surveys

The persistent challenges of well control, spanning from drilling to production, highlight the critical need for enhanced preparedness and proactive measures. The integral role of Well Control System Surveys is critical in preventing catastrophic incidents and fostering a culture of safety and efficiency within the industry.

Digital completions platform provides complete operations visibility to enhance efficiency, collaboration

An innovative cloud-based platform was developed to align all disparate data sources from a completions site into a unified, contextualized stream for real-time access, analysis and optimized reporting.

Management issues: Recent O&G survey reveals increased interest in financing new wells

The Haynes Boone Fall 2023 Borrowing Base Redeterminations Survey shows a tight reserve-based lending market for oil and gas producers, but new willingness to finance companies’ developmental capital expenditures. The findings are based on 102 survey respondents including producers, financial institutions, private equity firms, and professional service firms.

Management issues: New U.S. House Speaker is strong supporter of oil and gas industry

If he can survive potential challenges from within his own party, U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson could be a powerful advocate for oil and gas development.

Offshore technology: Platform design: Is the next generation of offshore platforms changing offshore energy?

Intelligent platforms are trailblazers in the energy transition, by making possible the infrastructure required, not only for today but also for the energy demands of tomorrow.

Digital transformation: Putting people in the driving seat of digital uptake and scalability

Application of ADKAR in the digitalization of brownfield project execution, using AWP solutions, carries transferrable lessons to digitalization of global project delivery. A tried and tested organizational change management model is useful to identify and rectify stumbling blocks to fully aligning technology, people and processes.

Digital transformation: Building cyber resilience in the oil and gas industry

The oil and gas industry is working to build resilience, as the increasingly-targeted sector becomes more mature in its response to cyber threats.
Industry leaders' outlook for 2024

What industry leaders expect for 2024

As occurs every year at this time, our core group of advisors on World Oil’s Editorial Advisory Board have attempted to sort out what has occurred in the global E&P industry over the last 12 months while also doing their best to measure what may happen in the coming year.

Going global with unconventionals

To ensure a thriving civilization, it is crucial to embrace a diverse energy portfolio that includes both renewable sources and unconventional resources, leading us toward an energy-rich and sustainable future. 

Mixed outlook for activity on the UK Continental Shelf

The UKCS has a substantial number of unused pipelines and reservoirs, but the investment costs remain high. Activity in this area should increase over the medium and longer terms.  

The Houston Echo Chamber

The oil and gas industry orthodoxy repeats the same arguments; these have become what Dr. Nathan Meehan calls the Houston Echo Chamber. This is a set of commonly held beliefs and opinions among oil and gas professionals that are often based on outdated information or wishful thinking.

It’s The End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine) - R.E.M.

At the risk of just repeating the unchanged political (and societal) landscape, where our industry struggles to maintain respect, the global geo-political landscape has continued to shift, which should increase the alarm intensity in every nation’s capital, especially ours.

From oil to opportunity: Crafting the future energy workforce landscape

Today’s oil and gas industry looks much different than that of 50 years ago, not only from an equipment perspective but from a workforce standpoint as well.

Buddy, can you spare a credit?

As governments and industries increase their efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, there is a rapidly growing demand for carbon credits by companies and individuals seeking to offset the carbon emissions they can’t eliminate on their own.

Energy Addition is what’s required

Within energy, transition is directed toward the destruction of the fossil fuel industry and accelerating solar and wind. Moreover, faster is only helpful, if you are headed in the right direction. Our world needs both traditional fossil and renewable energies! 

2024: A policy crossroads for American offshore energy

As we usher in the close of 2023, the offshore energy sector stands at a pivotal juncture, grappling with the uncertain policies and attitudes of the federal government.
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