January 2022 ///


Op-Ed: Africa needs energy banks to preserve its oil and gas sector

NJ Ayuk

For more than a year, the African Energy Chamber has been pushing back against steadily building pressure to halt new foreign investments in Africa’s oil and gas industry.

Op-Ed: Texas’ top energy resolutions for 2022

Wayne Christian

The new year is shaping up to be an important time for the energy security of our state and nation, and while there are many important issues to face, here are my top five energy resolutions for 2022.

Agents of change: Oilfield service companies drive the Fourth Industrial Revolution in oil and gas

Cameron Wallace

Modern, open-architecture programming is unlocking the value of upstream data to deliver more efficient, and safer, workflows that meet the objective of improving return on investment.

World Oil editorial: Newfoundland and Labrador province inexplicably ceases seismic funding

Kurt Abraham

Sooner or later in this type of job (editor), even the few governmental officials that you thought were good will eventually disappoint you.