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Special Focus

Keeping connected

Mark Watson, Zillur Rahim

Six remedies to prevent casing deformation and maintain wellbore integrity for a successful completion.

Unconventional fracturing: Implications of particle transport through the casing

Phil Snider

GEODynamics and operators surface-tested typical unconventional fracturing configurations and determined that particle transport and fluid velocities impact proppant placement.

SnubWell: Advancing the completions market bit by byte

Jarodd Hargis, Kevin Hollerich

In 2019, Deep Well Services launched their greenfield SnubWell program, marking an industry-first data acquisition system custom-tailored to Hydraulic Completion Unit operations.

Innovative approach optimizes the completion cycle

Frederico Carvalho, Varun Pai

A service company deployed new concepts and improved completion technologies to deliver an innovative operational process improvement, devising a one-trip solution that saved days/weeks off the work schedule, for subsea well stimulation in the Santos basin, offshore Brazil.

Global Mid-Year Forecast

Mid-Year Forecast: U.S. to see uptick as crude prices climb, demand recovers

Craig Fleming, Kurt Abraham

Despite analysts’ dire predictions about Covid-19’s short-term/long-term effects on the industry, demand and oil prices recovered significantly in second-and-third-quarter 2021. Even with consistently higher oil prices, U.S. operators showed uncharacteristic restraint, focusing on debt reduction and shrinking the DUC backlog rather than new drilling.

Mid-Year Forecast: Canadian operators remain wary of potential risks

Robert Curran

Although there are some hopeful signs that a recovery may be on the way for Canada’s oil patch, the ongoing global pandemic, misguided politicians, and skittish markets have left producers wary and risk-averse.

Mid-Year Forecast: International operators make their way forward carefully

Cameron Wallace, Kurt Abraham

Although global oil and gas demand has recovered much of the ground lost last year, there are plenty of question marks left in the market for operators to navigate, including ESG and renewables challenges.


Stage-level flow assurance helps refine Permian field development strategy

Deanna Callahan, Talgat Shokanov, John Oliver

Nanoparticle tracers provide affordable solution for sweet spot identification, frac hit avoidance and well spacing understanding.

Operators: Are your partners taking digital transformation beyond the drill bit?

Drew Doty, Eric Sawyer, Patricia Zarate

Streamlining day-to-day operations, using purpose-built apps, is enabling improvements for operations, maintenance and worker safety.

Decarbonizing with digital: Improving drilling and well construction performance, sustainably

Davy McCullough

Industry mandates for more sustainable operations and higher performance are reshaping drilling/well construction. For years, digital innovation has been important for improving efficiency and enabling returns-focused performance. Today, digital is equally important in reducing CO2 emissions to mitigate climate change.

Balancing AI advances with robust cybersecurity solutions

Leo Simonovich

While digitalization has improved project economics and streamlined operations, it also has brought the need for AI-enabled solutions to support sustainable growth and provide security against cyberattacks.

Flare combustion monitoring system for upstream flares

Chong Tao, Lei Sui

A novel flare combustion efficiency monitoring method has been developed, using parametric modeling based on existing experimental data and computational fluid dynamic calculations. This method can be deployed to upstream flare systems to achieve maintenance-free real-time monitoring.

In a time of change, understanding the subsurface remains critical to project success

Denis Saussus

As the energy industry evolves, there is one critical constant—understanding the subsurface thoroughly. Knowledge of the underlying geology is key to successful hydrocarbon, geothermal and offshore wind projects. It also ensures the success of carbon capture/storage initiatives—digital transformation will be a key enabler going forward.

Who pays: Allocating liability for plugging and abandonment costs in the GOM’s OCS

Kaylan Dunn, Michael Morfey

Lessees and interest-holders in the Gulf of Mexico should carefully evaluate the existing contractual language governing their investments in light of case law and consider adding bond requirements or additional consideration in exchange for a specific, express release of costs associated with decommissioning obligations.

Engineering for the long term

Dean Carey

In the oilfield, providing insight to current problems and offering foresight into potential future problems should form the bedrock of client engagement. Engineers and technicians working on a clients’ machinery should treat it as if it were their own.


First oil

Kurt Abraham

Forecasting for 95 of 105 years

What's new in Exploration

William (Bill) Head

Circumstances can get worse

Drilling advances

Jim Redden

A tough and hot slog

Water management

Mark Patton

Regulatory update

Executive viewpoint

Anthony Livanios

Actions speak louder than words: Biden and the U.S. upstream

The last barrel

Craig Fleming

Offshore resurgence underway


Industry at a Glance

Craig Fleming