October 2018 ///

Special Focus

The path to autonomous directional drilling

Julien Marck, Lisette Vitta, Halliburton

Advancements in electronics and sensor technology, sophisticated algorithms, and high-speed telemetry are leading the way to automated drilling.

Direct drillstring measurements in drawworks improve autodriller performance

Ian Soukup, Michael Boudreax, Jason Anderson, Ricardo Ramirez, Jonathan Shim, NOV

Advancements in wireless communications have enhanced real-time drillstring measurements, resulting in improved autodriller control. Field tests document that the system can increase BHA stability, improving ROP in deeper hole depths and verifying the technology’s benefit in extended-reach wells.

Advancing drilling operations through collaborative work and innovation

Tristam Horn, DeltaTek Global

Advances in drilling technology are helping to unlock challenging reservoirs and achieve the industry-wide goal of maximizing economic recovery. This article discusses the importance of innovation and collaboration for the industry moving forward, and how new technologies are maximizing efficiencies and reducing costs.


PDC bit technology evolves to 4D cutters

Dr. Reza Rahmani, NOV

In the past decade, PDC bits have overtaken the market in applications where roller-cone bits were traditionally the bit of choice. Major factors in this paradigm shift have been advancements in PDC cutter manufacturing and leaching technologies.

Manufacturers bring new bit technologies to fruition

Craig Fleming, World Oil

Despite suffering a major loss of revenue during the downturn, the OFS sector has done an exemplary job of funding R&D and launching new drill bit technologies designed to improve ROP and useful bit life.

Data-driven solutions improve oil field productivity

Glen Breerwood, Christoffer Nåden, Halliburton

A suite of permanent monitoring products takes well monitoring one step further by providing accurate, reliable and cost-effective multi-point temperature and pressure sensing.

Fates hinge on election, cracking the code

Jim Redden, Contributing Editor

Some 350 mi and a gaping civic and developmental fissure separate the unconventional cores of the Denver-Julesberg (DJ) and Uinta basins.

Analytics can optimize oil and gas equipment performance, predict failures

Andy Weatherhead, Rockwell Automation

Given the opportunity that analytics present, and the pressures facing oil and gas producers, the question isn’t, “Can analytics help improve our operations?” but rather, “How long can we compete without them?”

Chemical management goes digital

Paul Gould, Clariant Oil Services

For producers to survive and stay profitable, companies are now more focused on efficiencies and costs. These pressures are prompting operators to speed up adoption of digitally enabled solutions, to improve productivity and safety.

The heart of global oil exports thrives amid geopolitical tensions

Michele Cowart, World Oil

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) remain the quintessential oil exporting region, replete with considerable assets and tensions.


First oil

Kurt Abraham, World Oil

A job done well

Energy issues

William J. Pike, World Oil

There is sand, and then there is sand

What's new in exploration

William (Bill) Head, Contributing Editor

Where are the oil reserves?

Drilling advances

Jim Redden, Contributing Editor

Windows to the hole

What's new in production

Don Francis, Contributing Editor

Let’s party

Executive viewpoint

Rob Hull, Halliburton

21st century commercialization: Where are we now?

Innovative thinkers

Emily Querubin, World Oil

John Costagna: Fostering the industry’s human intelligence

The last barrel

Craig Fleming, World Oil

Everything old is new again

News & Resources

World of oil & gas

Emily Querubin, World Oil

LNG Canada—with JV partners Shell (40%), Petronas (25%), PetroChina (15%), Mitsubishi Corp. (15%) and KOGAS (5%)—have taken FID on Canada’s first large-scale export facility in Kitimat, British Columbia. According to LNG Canada, the export plant has been designed to achieve the lowest carbon intensity of any major plant operating in the world today.

Industry at a glance

Craig Fleming, World Oil

Russian oil production hit a post-Soviet high in September, when the country rolled back OPEC limits and pushed output up to 11.36 MMbpd.

People in the industry

Michele Cowart, World Oil

Hal J. Goldie has been appointed to the board of Enpro Subsea, based in Houston. With a career that spans almost 50 years in the industry, Goldie was previously president at Cameron Subsea Systems.

Companies in the news

Michele Cowart, World Oil

Norway’s largest and longest pipeline, laid by the vessel Saipem Castorone, has reached Johan Sverdrup field.

New products and services

Michele Cowart, World Oil

Nine Energy Service has rolled out enhanced SkyView wireline trucks.