November 2014 ///

Special Focus

Production gains through the reuse of produced water in fracturing

Steve Monroe, Daryl McCracken, Kent Dawson, Sahar Mouallem, Baker Hughes, a GE Company

A 10-year production analysis suggests that the reuse of produced water in hydraulic fracturing results in better initial production, as well as longer-term equivalent output.

Inhibitor package simplifies production chemistry in wet gas applications

Pete Webber, Noah Morales, Nalco Champion

PART 1—Both Kinetic hydrate inhibitors (KHIs) and compatible corrosion inhibitors (CIs) are water-soluble and contain surface-active components. When used together, they tend to interfere with each other. Development of an effective KHI/CI package required comprehensive performance testing and extensive secondary properties evaluation.


Global rig fleet grows, both onshore and offshore

Brandon Montagne, Tory A. Stokes, NOV Downhole

North American rig fleets expand, and more rigs are put to work, while the global, offshore mobile fleet continues to make gains with new units.

Subsea infrastructure growing and moving deeper

Matt Loffman, Douglas-Westwood

Opportunities for subsea infrastructure growth continue, as the technology used to exploit deepwater resources improves, and the environments become more challenging.

Regional report: The Arctic

Ron Bitto, Contributing Editor

The Arctic region presents great opportunities and major challenges, both technical and political

A current perspective on Arctic exploration

Dave Ridyard, ION Geophysical

ION has been designing and manufacturing seismic instrumentation for Arctic applications for over a quarter-century.

ShaleTech: Western U.S.

Pramod Kulkarni, World Oil

Looking for the next Bakken or Eagle Ford

Centralizer sub optimizes cementing performance

John Hebert, Blackhawk Specialty Tools

Well construction requirements are often demanding, and the application of new technologies to past engineering practices is proving successful in modernizing past stagnant designs, such as centralization. 

Non-Hg insulation joint coating achieves environmental compliance without sacrificing performance

Roberto Del Callejo Vargas, TechnipFMC; Mike Huspek, Alexander Lane, Dow Oil, Gas & Mining

A collaborative, focused effort helped to develop non-Hg-catalyzed, field joint insulation material that meets and exceeds expectations, based on previous Hg-content materials.


First oil

Pramod Kulkarni, World Oil

How to hold up the sky

Energy issues

William J. Pike, World Oil

Use of “Big Data” defines industry’s generations

What's new in exploration

William (Bill) Head, Contributing Editor

Training for the downturn

Drilling advances

Jim Redden, Contributing Editor

These aren’t your grandfather’s mud systems

What's new in production

Henry Terrell, Contributing Editor

Nanotech in the oil field: The potential is huge

Offshore in depth

Ron Bitto, Contributing Editor

Decision models increase offshore bidding wins, reduce costs

Oil and gas in the capitals

Jeff Moore, Contributing Editor

Malaysia’s flurry of activity may slow down a bit

Executive viewpoint

Kjetil Fagervik, Roxar Software Solutions, Emerson Process Management

An 80% solution isn’t enough!

Innovative thinkers

Steven McGinn, World Oil

Charlie Williams: A life of Technology and safety

The last barrel

Kurt Abraham, World Oil

Ebola outbreak prompts mixed response from West African operators

News & Resources

World of oil and gas

Roger Jordan, World Oil

World of oil and gas

People in the industry

Steven McGinn, World Oil

People in the industry

New products and services

Steven McGinn, World Oil

New products and services

Companies in the news

Steven McGinn, World Oil

Companies in the news

Meeting and events

Henry Terrell, Contributing Editor

Meeting and events

Industry at a glance

Henry Terrell, Contributing Editor

Industry at a glance

Special Supplement

World Oil Awards 2014

Steven McGinn, World Oil

A world of innovative achievements—winners and finalists