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Integrated single-well modeling improves completion design in unconventional gas play

A multidisciplinary team of consultants used predictive methods to identify optimization opportunities in Wyoming’s Wind Dancer field, resulting in substantial production gains.

Propane-based fracturing improves well performance in Canadian tight reservoirs

Applied onshore New Brunswick, a frac fluid based on liquid petroleum gas resulted in longer fracture half-lengths and higher production rates compared with water-based fluid.

Rupture-plug cementing system allows pump-down deployment of perforating guns

In a Barnett shale application, the completion method provided substantial savings by eliminating the need for a coiled tubing unit and associated equipment.


Advances from seafloor to surface

A critical, though not very glamorous, segment of the deepwater oil and gas sector is riser technology. Risers provide a vital conduit for the circulation of drilling fluids and protect the drillstring in offshore drilling operations.

Advantages and limitations of venturi gas lift valves

Generally preferred to orifice valves in offshore applications, venturi valves may not be appropriate in some cases, such as where large adjustments in gas flowrate are needed within a limited injection pressure range.

Expandable technology gains ground as a planned-in option

From their beginnings as a last-resort solution for operators who would otherwise have to abandon a well, expandables are gradually gaining acceptance as a planned alternative to conventional tubing—more expensive, to be sure, but sometimes a better choice.

Imaging drilling hazards in a congested North Sea field using nodal ocean-bottom seismic

To facilitate infill drilling at Forties field, 3D seismic data was needed to image any shallow gas accumulations, but towed streamers couldn’t acquire data beneath or near existing platforms. A nodal acquisition technology using ROV-deployed sensors filled in the blanks.

Regional Report: Permian Basin

High oil prices combine with new drilling and production technologies to create yet another boom in America’s leading onshore field

Treatment options for reuse of frac flowback and produced water from shale

Water recycling for new frac jobs or drilling operations has many benefits, including reduced environmental impact, volume of transportation and, ultimately, cost.


Drilling advances

A deepwater drilling method even Mother Nature could bless

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