March 2007 ///

Special Focus

Continuous circulation system adds efficiency in drilling difficult/HPHT wells

Tested in multiple locations, the Continuous Circulation System has proved to be able to maintain a constant, steady downhole circulating pressure environment while making drill pipe connections.

Simple managed pressure drilling method brings benefits

The first three wells to use a new closed-loop MPD system have confirmed its effectiveness on multiple well types.

Managed pressure drilling-What is it anyway?

Many ways are available to determine downhole pressure environment limits and manage the annular hydraulic pressure profile.


Recent advances in well logging and formation evaluation

New developments include enhancements to wireline and while-drilling resistivity logging, pulsed neutron logging, open- and cased-hole acoustic logging, formation testing, etc.

The importance of accurate temperature testing for cementing

Small-liner cement designs can be improved by the API Plug Schedule.

Two salt dome wells successfully drilled using casing while drilling

CWD wells in South Louisiana used rotary steerable directional technology for deviation control and delivered major savings compared to conventional offset wells.

Wettability alteration used for water block prevention in high-temperature gas wells

When a chemical system alters formation wettability to intermediate gas-wet, capillary forces are decreased, and clean-up of trapped water is enhanced at low drawdown pressures.

Casing while drilling and stage-tool cementing combined to mitigate downhole conditions

While drilling in Colorado's Piceance basin, two technologies cut drilling NPT by 21%.


Oil and gas in the Capitals

Chavez and the oil companies arm-wrestle over Venezuelan investments

What's new in exploration

Paradigm lost in GOM's deepwater Wilcox play

What's new in production

Latest word on controlling/utilizing greenhouse gases; New output abounds

Editorial Comment

Global warming extremes

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Companies in the news


Acquisitions, mergers, ventures and other company news

Industry at a glance

Last year ended with a 100,000-bopd increase in world supply, totaling 85.08 million bopd.

New products


New product and service offerings from company press releases.

People in industry


Personnel changes and promotions in the petroleum industry

World of Oil


Mexico considers seismic specifications


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A monthly magazine offering industry news, statistics and technical editorial to the oil and gas drilling, exploration and production industry.

Drilling advances

That mystery plague you discovered is "stick-slip."

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A monthly magazine offering industry news, statistics and technical editorial to the oil and gas drilling, exploration and production industry.

Multiphase and wet gas metering provide a low-capex solution

Combining virtual and physical meters provides wider control of flowline networks for deepwater fields.

Outer riser system for Anadarko's Constitution spar allows dry trees

Development and installation of new threaded riser connections reduce riser weight, opening deeper waters for TTR development.

Regional 3D stratigraphic modeling improved (Mar-2007)

These models allow the robust linkage of system tracts between exploration and field development activities, with operator data being integrated when available.

Troubleshooting produced water—methods and lessons learned (Mar-2007)

Part 1: A task group addressed produced water problems on an FPSO with a focus on developing facilities, equipment and operations solutions.