November 2006 ///

Special Focus

A new approach optimizes continuous gas lift system

Knowing the composition of the gas is important in designing an effective gas lift system.

Determining waterflood effectiveness

Voidage replacement ratio identifies potential problems while maximizing production.

Realistic core testing improves sandstone acid treatment

As proven by flow-testing of damaged cores, hydrofluoric acid systems have the ability to remove real-world damage from wells.

Statoil to boost recovery with subsea production system

Using subsea separation, de-sanding and injection, Statoil expects to reach 55% recovery and generate 35 million bbl of additional oil.


Bit technology keeps pace with operator activity

Manufacturers have developed many new products to satisfy an operator preference toward fixed cutter bits, but specialized roller cone designs fill niche applications.

Deepwater Technology: Drilling a deepwater wildcat offshore Brazil

Planning, logistics and a diverse team produced an efficiently drilled, HPHT deepwater wildcat.

Deepwater Technology: Shape-sensing mat gives real-time load, fatigue data on deepwater risers

A reusable, composite mat provided real-time load and strain data on a Gulf of Mexico completion riser in 6,000 ft of water, as well as monitoring an SCR in another field.

New capability in personal and high-performance computing provides choices

Operational and science gains delivered through mainstream high-performance computing within departments, work groups and at deskside are being enjoyed by E&P professionals.

RLWI system demonstrates its worth in North Sea operations

Deployment of a subsea well intervention system from a dedicated vessel has proven to be very cost-efficient. Refinements, such as use of composite cable and coiled tubing, plus an ultra-deepwater version, are on the horizon.

Seismic market report: Issues and trends

This exclusive report examines whether the seismic sector has to be locked forever in boom/bust cycles, yielding either high profitability or much-dreaded overcapacity.

Work progresses on advanced Riserless Intervention System

A collaboration between two well-known firms is bringing a riserless, deepwater system closer to commerciality. Research continues on a companion, wireline-deployed shallow-water version.

Special Report

5th Annual World Oil Awards: Finalists and winners

This special bound-in supplement describes the winners of this year’s awards in 11 categories.

Petroleum Technology Digest: Seeing a reservoir's character from solution gas

Early insight into Wyoming coalbed reservoir heterogeneity is provided by Raman spectroscopy.


Drilling advances

Overhaul, refurbish, refit or retrofit a rig means different things.

Editorial Comment

Storing and moving energy are essential to future energy needs.

International Politics

The election may or may not improve a do-nothing Congress.

What's new in production

A new design for pumping multiphase fluids.

What's new in exploration

Lower Tertiary play in the GOM; Maybe the Cambrian Explosion didn't explode.

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IEA reported decreases in world oil supply and demand during September to 85.4 million bpd and 84.6 million bpd

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