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Special Focus

Bad biorhythms throw contractors out of sync with independent operators

Characterizing the state of the industry in 2006 is akin to characterizing someone whose biorhythm cycles are out of sync.

Following an energized year, innovation is crucial for 2007 and beyond

It is difficult to expect the oil and gas market to get much better.

High activity, high costs continue on UKCS

Field development expenditures heading toward about $8.5 billion by year end.

Offshore energy must cope with evolving political environment

The 2006 midterm elections are now behind us.

Reasons abound to be bullish on supply

This is not the first time we have run out of oil. It is more like the fifth.

Steady investment stream drives healthy equipment service sector

The most important variable that drives our industry is oil prices.

Volatility dominates the E&P market

For most E&P companies, 2006 has been a very good year.

Wanted: A few (lot of) good people

An energy industry in a people crisis.

World Oil's editorial advisors analyze upstream results for 2006, forecast activity and issues for 2007

The year, 2006, has been very good for E&P, as activity indicators hit 21-year highs. Yet, there are real concerns about gas prices, personnel shortages and escalating costs.


Closed-loop drilling system: A viable alternative to reserve waste pits

As described by an independent and its service company partner, experience in New Mexico shows that this method is cost-effective and, in some cases, cheaper than using pits.

Petroleum Technology Digest: Microseismic imaging of fracture treatment provides answers, stimulates questions

Microseismic imaging performed during three hydraulic fracturing treatments in shallow wells confirmed some common beliefs but also prompted more questions that require further testing.

Produced Water Report: New infrared methods for analyzing produced water

With some solvents banned, and different regulations applying in various countries, several different methodologies have surfaced as replacements.

Sound and the marine environment: Keeping up with the regulations

A significant number of developments are coming out of recent workshops, research and regulations affecting seismic acquisition and marine animal protection.

Useful criteria for selecting a watercut monitor

Before selecting the right watercut monitor for the job, operators need to be aware of the application parameters that will affect monitor performance.

Special Report

New rig designs: A quiet compact rig

KCA Deutag’s new T-208 rig is built for Europe’s demanding environmental standards.

New rig designs: Chinese land rig uses ac drawworks

Vol. 227 No. 12  New rig designs Chinese land rig uses ac drawworks Last year, SPA China National Petroleum Corp mobilize

New rig designs: Telemast Extended to TXD Rigs

Schramm’s recently-introduced Telemast tower system has been a success on two Rotadrill rig models and is now being moved up to the next size drilling rig, the TXD, for deeper drilling capabilities.

New rig designs: Walking jackup works nearshore

Vol. 227 No. 12  New rig designs Walking jackup works nearshore For conventional jackups, substandard weather can mean co

Newbuild report: A flurry of new rig orders worldwide shows faith in a strong market for several years to come

The combination of 90% rig utilization rates offshore and the forced retirement of rigs built 30 years ago has spawned a resurgence in newbuilds not seen since the late 1970s.

Newbuild report: Another rig construction cycle is running its course

Offshore, newbuilds reflect strong market outside the GOM

Newbuild report: Table: Mobile offshore drilling units under construction or on order

Vol. 227 No. 12  Newbuild report TABL

Rig floor equipment: AC motors for drilling equipment

GE Transportation’s 1,500 hp AC drilling motors provide torque and speed for the toughest drilling applications.

Rig floor equipment: Automated pipe handler is certified

The automated safety concept of DrillTec’s vertical drilling rig, VDD 370.2, has been successfully certified by the German TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH

Rig floor equipment: Casing drive system assures casing runs to bottom

Tesco’s Casing Drive System (CDS), originally developed with casing drilling in mind, offers numerous advantages to any casing-running operation.

Rig floor equipment: Cuttings dryer recovers oil

A 5-year-old drilling waste management operation employing a M-I SWACO Verti-G cuttings dryer has recovered some $4.5 million worth of commercial grade oil in Algeria’s Sahara Desert.

Rig floor equipment: Distributed drilling data system covers drilling workflow

Petron Industries Inc. presents new technology with its Distributed Drilling Data (3D) Instrumentation System that embraces the drilling rig’s total workflow.

Rig floor equipment: Drilling control system regulates backpressure

The Secure Drilling Micro-Flux Control System is a closed-loop system that collects and analyzes commonly available drilling data to detect well kicks or loss of circulation

Rig floor equipment: Dual-disc braking system offers maximum redundancy, safety

Wirth GmbH, has field-tested and proven the Dual Brake System (DBS) for use on standard rotary drilling rigs.

Rig floor equipment: Electric motors drive 2,000 hp mud pumps

When the world’s two largest semisubmersible rigs, Aker H6 design, come in to operation in 2008, they will be equipped with the biggest mud pumps ever installed on one rig.

Rig floor equipment: New diverter technology improves sealing

Drilling offshore in deep water poses unique challenges over drilling on land or from a jackup fixed to the seafloor in relatively shallow water.

Rig floor equipment: New power swivel reduces danger

The newly engineered, hydraulic, motor-driven Logan 85-t Power Swivel provides smooth, shock-free torque to reduce drillstring damage.

Rig floor equipment: New work platform enhances safety

Outreach Ltd launched its new OSB250 Elevating Work Platform, purposely designed for use within the drilling derrick on offshore installations.

Rig floor equipment: Roughneck keeps crews safe

US Oil Tools’ RoughNeck family is a rugged and safe device used to make and break connections on the drillfloor without the use of manual tongs and crews.

Rig floor equipment: Two mud pumps offer permanence or lighter weight

Ellis Williams Engineering Co. has developed and manufactured a pair of 2,200 hp mud pumps for offshore and land rig applications.

Rigs and Rig Floor Equipment

This special section of World Oil focuses on the latest advancements in rig design, as well as recent innovations in equipment and tools for working on and around the rig floor.


Drilling advances

Here and there, little drilling advances are made

Editorial Comment

Someone forgot the drillbit

International Politics

IEA's World Energy Outlook 2006 has significant methodology flaws

What's new in production

New surfactant could “pep up" brown fields; Deepwater optical net coming

What's new in exploration

Methane hydrates offshore India; Noteworthy finds

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OPEC crude oil production averaged 29.4 million bpd in October, down 0.16 million bpd from September

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