September 1998 ///

Special Focus

3-D visualization, automation speed interpretation workflow

Emerging technologies such as time-lapse 3-D (4-D) and multidisciplinary E&P software call for integration by geophysical workstation

4-D seismic simulation of a complex turbidite sand

Time-lapse seismic, well logs, static/ dynamic production data, reservoir and fluid-flow simulation are combined to analyze drainage patterns

A multisurvey 3-D prestack depth migration case history

Case history from a multi-survey project in the UK North Sea shows how overlapping surveys with different geometries were successfully merged

Fast track to success — an integrated approach

How a technical partner and a West Africa operator applied an integrated exploration program, from seismic acquisition to multiwell drilling

Interpretation of thin beds using stratal surfaces

Gulf of Mexico case history shows how extrapolating between two well-defined seismic surfaces can reveal important reservoir details


Continuous gas lift performance analysis

Petrobras researchers overview the in-house developed simulator which analyzes downhole valve performance and identifies problem sources

Harding field: A North Sea success story

Part 6 – Five completion scenarios are illustrated and discussed to show options designed to handle the field's highly unconsolidated reservoirs

Horizontal, underbalanced wells yield high rates in Colombia

Technical description of how a U.S. independent planned and drilled the country's first two horizontal wells using underbalance techniques

Multi-functional solid lubricant reduces friction/ prevents mud loss

Description of composition/ applications of resilient graphitic carbon (RGC) as a mud additive shows the new system's several advantages

Unless stopped, the global warming movement could cause economic disaster

In a dialogue with World Oil, the former U.S. Senator points out fallacies and potential crippling restrictions if the Kyoto Protocol is mishandled

Special Report

World Oil's 1998 Drill Bit Classifier

Annual comprehensive listing of 23 major manufacturers' commercial bits. Divided into six formation types from soft/ sticky to extremely hard, tables show name, IADC code, size, performance of each firm's offerings


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Editorial Comment

News on oil prices, mostly bad; Billy Bob comments on the BP-Amoco merger


Companies face the challenge of balancing age groups in the workforce

Oil and gas in Washington

New energy secretary faces big job; Oil royalty calculation still in dispute

What's happening in drilling

Progress on Halliburton/ Shell's JV on developing expandable casing

What's happening in exploration

Mere megabytes don't cut it any more; How to preserve that seismic data

What's happening in production

Phillips' Ekofisk redevelopment; Expandable sand screen; API Y2K survey

What's happening offshore

Anadarko claims sub-salt discovery; Global's SCORE shows drilling decline

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