May 1998 ///

Special Focus

Drill pipe corrosion: Past, present and future

Review of mud systems used over 40 years relative to downhole corrosion protection. Important tips on system chemistry and tubular handling

How to optimize production from plunger lift systems

Part 2 – Guidelines for maintaining primary plunger lift components, plus a troubleshooting chart to aid in keeping the system efficient

Hydrogen peroxide: A new thermal stimulation technique

Possibilities for practical use of the chemical to generate heat around the wellbore to lower oil viscosity or remove formation damage

Reduced-clearance casing programs offer numerous advantages

Methods for determining acceptable clearance between casing strings to optimize casing sizes for today's more challenging completions

Scale removal process facilitates successful well workover

How Phillips used coiled tubing to remove scale, fish a safety valve and kill the well when problems stalled a conventional workover


Challenges of ultra-deepwater pipeline construction

Large diameter pipelines in very-deep water require special techniques such as free-flooding and use of mechanical vs. welded connections

Harding field: A North Sea success story

Part 3 – How use of drillstring vibration analysis helped lower drilling costs and identify/ correct such destructive conditions

New developments boost drilling/ production efficiencies

Rapid prototyping improves bit design * Two systems facilitate subsea connections * Converting jackup to D&P cuts field costs * New Dutch lab offers offshore simulation

What's new in geophysics/ geology

Fault interpretation with automated 3-D software * Neural network research by DeepLook * Raster log technology for display/ analysis * Java computing language for E&P * Solid streamers and computing network cut seismic turnaround


New equipment

New literature



Crude Crunch

Editorial Comment

Apocalypse and missed opportunities


Lowered expectations, violence and goofy logic abound

Oil and gas in Washington

Congress: Cantankerous and confused!

What's happening in drilling

Leading edge technology taking us into the 21st century

What's happening in exploration

Double discovery adjacent to Prudhoe Bay

What's happening in production

European gas, more on oil prices

What's happening offshore

NOIA — watching out for you in Washington

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