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Keeping Connected: 6 remedies to prevent casing deformation and maintain wellbore integrity for a successful completion

April 12, 2021
Sponsored by: Packers Plus
Casing deformation can occur in any phase of a well’s lifecycle – completion deployment, stimulation treatment or during production – and the consequences of casing failure can be significant. It can result in a costly workover procedure, bypassing producing zones or complete abandonment of the well. This white paper elaborates on a few specific reasons for casing deformation, draws conclusions on possible remedies and examine results from a field study.

The rise of digital twins: Delivering on their promise

March 01, 2021
Sponsored by: Wood
The rise of Digital Twins...from science fiction to digital reality? In a galaxy far, far away the goal of digital twin technology was clear. From a digital representation, Princess Leia and her rebel commanders could pinpoint the imperial Death Star’s fatal flaw – and sent in their Jedi to destroy it. But can science fiction become a digital reality? The global market for digital twins is expected to grow 38 percent annually reaching $16 billion by 2023. Industries are looking to maximize their returns on capital expenditure on key strategic assets, whether it’s a new greenfield asset designed with optimal performance at its core or it’s modifying an existing strategic asset to increase yield and reduce cost. In reading this piece, explore how you can unlock the promise of digital twins across the asset lifecycle to be future ready now, in the real world.

Advancing Paraffin Control: Chemical Design and Evaluation

October 14, 2020
Sponsored by: SI Group
Successful field paraffin management relies on many important factors that impact both the production fluid and the production chemistries deployed, but one is commonly overlooked – ambient temperature. Like produced fluids, the properties of paraffin inhibitors, such as viscosity and pour point, are affected by declining temperatures. SI Group is developing robust and reliable paraffin inhibitors with improved solubility and stability for land-based and subsea applications that demonstrate exceptional performance in sub-optimal conditions and applications.

Predictive Maintenance Takes on Operational Risk

October 07, 2020
Sponsored by: AspenTech
In today's volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) global market, everything is changing — and in production environments, change means increased risk. Asset performance management technology provides deep insight into risk factors across the enterprise, enabling companies to: • Increase the safety and sustainability of their operations by avoiding unsafe conditions • Optimize margins by significantly reducing unplanned downtime • Lower insurance premiums by improving their risk profile Learn how predictive maintenance can deliver financial advantages now.

Six steps to managing the integrity of ageing assets

September 18, 2020
Sponsored by: LLoyd's Register
Aging assets pose a significant risk to reliability, burdened by factors such as poor preventative maintenance programmes, a lack of data, changing operating envelopes and obsolete technologies. The longer an asset remains out of service for repairs, the longer its impact on production. However, reliability can be radically improved and the life of these assets significantly extended for years to come, by adopting the right asset management model.
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