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Arc fault-resistant cabinet solutions for medium voltage drives

June 30, 2016
Sponsored by: Siemens
Nationally, about 2,000 arc burn related injuries require hospitalization. These injuries have become a major concern, particularly in regard to medium voltage arc faults. Currently there is no agreed upon standard for arc resistant medium voltage drives. There are, however, solutions claiming some form of arc resistant capability. The paper “Arc fault-resistant cabinet solutions for medium voltage drives” explores both the causes of arc faults and the solutions that can help protect personnel from injury. Download the paper today to learn more about this important issue.

New Technologies Guide Strategic Changes in a Low Oil Price Environment

June 17, 2016
Sponsored by: QRI
A low oil price environment presents a distinct challenge to the field development planning and reserves estimation process. The bulk of the world’s mature assets are currently operating on autopilot, with little active investment, and with a reserves base that is not accurately quantified. New techniques that can be executed with a small team in just a few weeks, without a full field model, lead to significant value creation opportunities, even at low oil prices.

Mitigate Risk, Enhance Recovery: Seismically-Constrained Multivariate Analysis Optimizes Development, Increases EUR in Unconventional Plays

April 21, 2016
Sponsored by: Global Geophysical Services
By integrating seismic, geological, and engineering data, Global’s seismic-based analytics workflow identifies the most prospective areas and zones for drilling - down to the stage level. Operators can apply these models to optimize drilling, completion design and execution, qualify refracturing candidates, and improve economic recovery, thereby reducing risk and optimizing spend – essentials during the current downturn. This white paper discusses the workflow and uses a case study from the Permian Basin to illustrate field-proven capabilities.

Limited Entry Revolution: Improving Cemented Liner Completions with Advanced Ball-Drop Technology

April 13, 2016
Sponsored by: Packers Plus
Oil and gas producers have seen a dramatic boost in production from horizontal wells in unconventional reservoirs over the last decade. In a low-priced oil and gas market, operators must find a way to pair the higher well performance with improved operational efficiency to reduce well costs. This paper explains several challenges faced by operators today and the completion solutions that can help drive down costs in an effort to make wells more profitable.

The Must-Have Cost Savings Tool for 2016

February 17, 2016
Sponsored by: PowerAdvocate
With commodity prices, demand for O&G-related products and services, and other cost-driving forces at record lows, those who systematically take advantage of market movements can drive large, sustainable cost reductions. Through the use of cost modeling and should-cost analysis (explained in greater detail below), we’ve seen E&P, midstream, and downstream Oil and Gas companies consistently drive an incremental 5% -20% savings in supplier negotiations through the recent downturn.
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