World Oil webcasts and webinars are in-depth presentations on oil and gas applications, trends and technology. Moderated by a World Oil editor and including technical experts, these events are focused on providing qualified engineers and professionals in the upstream oil and gas industry with the latest information pertaining to offshore and onshore exploring, drilling, completions and production.

ShaleTech Hydraulic Fracturing Forum: Fall 2021

October 20, 2021
Sponsored by: DiverterPlus, Stepan Oilfield Solutions
Far Field Diversion Strategies - Presented by DiverterPlus: Advances in far field diverter materials and deployment strategies have enabled more consistency and greater efficacy in controlling fracture geometry to optimize production and/or minimize cross-well communication during hydraulic fracturing treatments. Employing simple laboratory techniques to determine the proper material composition can greatly improve the performance and economics of far field diverter with minimal impact on operations, while yielding measurable production improvements. Flowback Aids Case Study Unearths Hidden Benefits - Presented by Stepan Oilfield Solutions: The use of flowback aids in hydraulic fracturing is not a new topic, but previous case studies have focused primarily on the resultant increased production. Stepan Oilfield Solutions is taking it one step further. Join us as we discuss the results of a recent set of field trials with Raney Energy and also look at the holistic costs and benefits of using Stepan’s PETROSTEP® ME-2 Flowback Aid.

Insights to Optimize Geosteering

October 12, 2021
Sponsored by: Schlumberger
Join Schlumberger’s Vera Wibowo and Jean-Michel Denichou as they discuss the latest advancement in geosteering services with the PeriScope Edge, a recently introduced deep resistive LWD technology. The pair discuss how geosteering has become a fundamental part of modern field development, where simple geometric target drilling could result in far less than optimal recovery and increased non-productive time.

High Collapse Reliability: Rising to the Challenge

October 06, 2021
Sponsored by: Vallourec
During this webcast we will provide an insight into our proprietary methodology, from product design to quality control; as well as some examples of how Vallourec High Collapse grades help overcome Oil and Gas industry challenges.

From Upstream To Midstream with Fiber Optics – Maximize Asset Performance with Reduced Cost

September 30, 2021
Sponsored by: Schlumberger
This webcast discusses how Optiq Schlumberger fiber-optic solutions redefine measurement acquisition in the oil and gas, CCS, geothermal, and mining, providing higher efficiency, greater subsurface understanding and asset long-term surveillance, as well as reducing environmental impact.

ESG Focus: Converting Flare Gas to Power and Other Emissions Reductions Strategies

September 22, 2021
Sponsored by: Aggreko
Join us as we take a closer look at proven innovative approaches in eliminating flaring gas and reducing emissions. We will address some of the alleged barriers and explore alternative engineered approaches you can adopt to help you burn 100% of the methane, reduce NOX emissions by up to 96%, and VOC emissions by up to 47%.
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