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OTC announces 2020 Spotlight on New Technology Awards recipients

The Spotlight on New Technology Award recognizes companies that have created new and advanced technologies that play a role in advancing the offshore oil and gas sector into the forthcoming years.

Trendsetter Vulcan Offshore experts collaborate to develop coronavirus PPE

Trendsetter Vulcan Offshore (TVO), a developer of innovative solutions for the offshore industry, has collaborated with local pulmonary and critical care physician Luis E. Chug, MD, to introduce personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

Petroleum Economist reveals 2019 awards winners

Honoring the global energy industry's most successful firms, projects and innovations, Petroleum Economist has announced the winners of its 2019 Petroleum Economist Awards in 10 categories. Additionally, five awards were given to outstanding individuals for their industry contributions.

Rockwell Automation expands program to help companies with machine safety

“Working with qualified system integrators helps manufacturers keep systems compliant with current standards while improving productivity,” said Lee Lane, vice president and general manager, Sensing, Safety and Connectivity business, Rockwell Automation.

LAGCOE 2019 New Technology Showcase winners

LAGCOE’s New Technology Showcase was created to provide innovative oil and gas businesses with a forum to share new products and services with an industry audience. The winners of this year’s competition will present their innovations at the 2019 LAGCOE Technical Exposition and Conference in New Orleans, October 9-11.

Offshore Europe 2019, Day 4: A new era of innovative thinking

The industry’s efforts to cut costs, reduce working times and improve efficiency have paid off handsomely over the last five years, making previously uneconomic fields viable and boosting the life and output of existing fields.

Craig International seeks to reduce energy industry’s carbon footprint via smarter procurement

A North Sea market leader in third-party procurement is launching a sustainable approach to sourcing and supplying oilfield products and services, which could have a major impact on reducing the oil and gas industry’s carbon footprint.

Energy Innovators Pitch Challenge at LAGCOE 2019

With the generous support of Shell and Jones Walker, this signature event will connect the best new energy innovators with funding to help further the development of exciting new products and technologies for the energy industry.

ExxonMobil, Mosaic Materials to explore carbon capture technologies

Mosaic Materials has progressed research on a process that uses porous solids to separate carbon dioxide from air or flue gas. The agreement with ExxonMobil will enable further evaluation of opportunities for industrial uses of the technology at scale.

LAGCOE introduces Energy Innovators Pitch Challenge for 2019 event

In partnership with The Idea Village and sponsored by Shell Game Changer, this event will connect the best new energy innovators with funding to help further the development of exciting new products and technologies for the energy industry.

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