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11/16/2021 EIA says tapping U.S. crude reserve would have limited economic effect

11/16/2021 ADIPEC: OPEC sees oil market swing to oversupply as early as December

11/16/2021 Permian shale output expected to set a record in December

11/16/2021 ADIPEC 2021’s first Smart Manufacturing Conference to redefine the globabl industrial sector

11/16/2021 European gas prices jump, rolling blackouts possible on new Nord Stream 2 delays

11/16/2021 Carbon+Intel: Talos Energy, Freeport LNG to develop CCS project on Texas Gulf Coast

11/16/2021 Israel’s energy minister wants to scrap UAE oil line over environmental concerns

11/16/2021 IEA sees oil price rally slowing as crude output recovers

11/15/2021 Oil prices edge higher as market awaits SPR decision

11/15/2021 Biden’s quest to lower gasoline prices could mean axing biofuel mandates

11/15/2021 Russia joins OPEC pushback on U.S. calls for more oil output

11/15/2021 Shell moves HQ to Britain, drops “Royal Dutch” from its name

11/15/2021 Saudis, UAE suggest OPEC will resist Biden’s pleas for more oil

11/15/2021 ADIPEC: Oxy’s Hollub wants Biden to stop hectoring OPEC and focus on U.S. oil

11/14/2021 Baker Hughes JewelSuite applications now available in the Microsoft Azure marketplace

11/14/2021 Europe’s first winter cold spell already straining natural gas supplies

11/14/2021 U.S. shale oil output nears pre-pandemic levels

11/14/2021 Oil cost $147 the last time U.S. gasoline was as expensive as now

11/12/2021 Biden’s National Economic Council can’t settle on a plan as energy prices spike

11/12/2021 Eni inadvertently buys oil from Iran, violating U.S. sanctions

11/12/2021 Oil trader bets Biden’s spat with OPEC leads to $250 oil

11/11/2021 EU climate boss sees a role for natural gas in the green energy transition

11/11/2021 OPEC focusing on steady crude supply, not prices, Iraq’s oil minister says

11/11/2021 Shell and Baker Hughes to collaborate on energy transition, net-zero emissions solutions

11/11/2021 COP26: France falls in with group pledging to end oil and gas exploration

11/11/2021 Nigeria seeks foreign assistance to stop a major oil spill

11/10/2021 Democrats push to outlaw U.S. oil exports, threatening global market stability

11/10/2021 Oil prices slide on surprise increase in U.S. crude inventory

11/10/2021 Maersk Drilling, Noble to merge operations as Noble Corporation

11/10/2021 Tullow moves forward with asset sales in Latin America and East Africa

11/10/2021 Equinor awards Aker Solutions major FPSO FEED contract