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10/11/2021 Chevron sets net zero 2050 carbon goals for its operations

10/11/2021 Chesapeake Energy names new President and CEO

10/11/2021 Apache eliminates routine gas flaring onshore U.S., completing ESG goal early

10/11/2021 DOF Subsea and Ocean Floor Geophysics Inc. form strategic alliance for global AUV services

10/11/2021 UK grants North Sea subsea carbon storage license in pursuit of COP26 goals

10/11/2021 Halliburton And VoltaGrid enter multi-year contract with Aethon Energy for electric fracturing solution

10/11/2021 World’s largest LNG exporter unhappy with high natural gas prices

10/11/2021 Oil above $80 spurs a Permian shale drilling revival

10/11/2021 WTI crude prices hit $81 on booming global oil demand

10/10/2021 U.S. shale drillers fear losing European gas orders to Russia

10/10/2021 Major gas traders seek cash to cover margin calls

10/10/2021 Norway’s Labor, center agree to form pro-oil minority coalition

10/10/2021 Biden’s quest to lower fuel prices clashes with his climate agenda

10/10/2021 Russia’s Gazprom mulls higher gas prices for Europe as energy crisis deepens

10/8/2021 A Nord Stream 2 solution to Europe’s gas crisis could be months away

10/8/2021 Equinor launches a multibillion-dollar blue hydrogen plan

10/7/2021 Canadian oil exports to U.S. jump with new pipeline startup

10/7/2021 Oil industry needs $500 billion to avoid future supply crises, says Moody’s

10/7/2021 UK wins Greenpeace court challenge over North Sea drilling permit

10/7/2021 Diesel, heating oil stocks at 20-year lows as U.S. preps for winter

10/7/2021 Oil rallies after U.S. says it won’t tap strategic crude reserves

10/6/2021 Oil prices dive on increasing U.S. crude inventories

10/6/2021 Putin makes a conditional offer to ease Europe’s natural gas crisis

10/6/2021 U.S. shale drillers show restraint as oil prices rally, adding to OPEC leverage

10/6/2021 Electric fracturing is catching on, but environmentalists are not impressed

10/6/2021 Global energy consumption and emissions will climb through 2050, EIA projects

10/6/2021 European natural gas prices soar 60% in two days as EU sounds alarm

10/5/2021 Xodus acquires Ocean Geo Solutions

10/5/2021 Baker Hughes brings proven flare monitoring and management tech to upstream operations

10/5/2021 Oil prices reach seven-year high as OPEC keeps crude supply tight

10/5/2021 European natural gas prices hit new records as supply concerns grow