Issue: January 2021

Special Focus

Fracturing and the environment

One of the industry’s premier experts says hydraulic fracturing actually reduces the environmental impact of oil and gas production by increasing the productivity of each well.

ESG: Faster, larger, better?

Electric motors drive hydraulic fracturing pumps to meet ESG goals.

ESG momentum and financial motivators combine to stimulate greener frac operations

As world sentiment regarding fossil fuel usage shifts, ESG requirements and expectations are evolving quickly. Focused on moving to natural-gas-driven field equipment, forward-thinking manufacturers and service companies work to enhance alignment with investors, customers and the community at large.

Scientifically engineered stainless steel increases ROI in difficult fracing applications

An innovative stainless material achieves a lower total cost of ownership and extended service life, compared to other stainless offerings, improving ROI and profitability of fracing operations.

Industry’s first truly integrated MPD control system advances offshore drilling efficiency

A partnership between a drilling contractor and an OFS provider is taking MPD systems, which are fully owned and operated by the drilling contractor, to the next level with unique, integrated capabilities.

Beyond automation: Driving advances in autonomous drilling

Well construction can benefit from available intelligent technologies, taking AI capabilities close to the action, where it encodes knowledge and captures learnings to improve drilling efficiency.

Ensuring robust cyber defense for endpoint energy assets

Two industry-leading service providers have partnered to deliver a robust, AI-driven cybersecurity tool for operations-critical equipment and systems.

Shaletech: Improving unconventional reservoir performance with geoscience-based development strategies

As efficiencies plateau in North American shale basins, operators require new strategies to lower costs/bbl that go beyond drilling and completion. New technology and workflows can help operators shorten the learning curve to maximize unconventional reservoir performance, early in the project life cycle.

The future of LNG, post-pandemic

The LNG sector has suffered cancelled cargoes and project setbacks, due to Covid-19. However, the post-pandemic future of LNG looks promising. The following five-year forecast emphasizes the importance of upgrading equipment to ensure efficient operations.

What the consolidation in fracing means to its future

How the recent consolidation of operators in the fracing sector will lead to a digital revolution.

Realizing intelligent, autonomous operations in well production

Improve efficiencies, reduce asset downtime and protect critical knowledge with AI-based production technologies.

Technology scaled for any response

In the developing world of offshore drilling in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, leaders in well control containment technology must be innovative to keep pace with drillers in the region.

Deepwater managed pressure cementing: Breaking paradigms in the Gulf of Mexico

A structured engineering process, combined with efficient execution utilizing an MPD closed-loop system, enabled GOM operators preventing fluid losses and achieving effective zonal isolation during primary cementing operations in extremely narrow operating windows.

Executive viewpoint

Aramco’s use of new technology benefits its business and the environment

Drilling advances

Covid powers remote race

What’s new in Exploration

What! Me worry? (A.E. Neuman)

First oil

The energy policy-equivalent of a battlefield ensues

Water management

What will 2021 bring?

The last barrel

Tangled up in blue

Industry at a Glance

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